The Last TV Series You Watched

I think that ‘Supernatural’, the series, is fantastic…and this coming from some-one who got series 1-8 on dvd as a mistake, last Christmas.
I love the Winchester Boys…
The chemistry between them is phenomenal…one minute laughing, the next crying, and the rest of the time screaming…Brilliance!
'SUPERNATURAL…best, as far as I’m concerned, of the ‘modern day’ TV extravaganzas…

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Couldn’t Agree More

Their Chemistry Kept them on Air for 15 Seasons
Seeing how they grown over those years but still staying True to themselves - You just don’t see that on other series

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I love these guys from ‘Supernatural’.

The best series I’ve seen in a coon’s age…I love them.

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Never heard of the series, but that board game looks awesome. Reminds me of the Castle Wolfenstein games.

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I’m currently in the midst of watching Angel with my fiancée. She watched it when she was younger but I had never seen it. We watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I REALLY liked it. So Angel is a natural extension of that, It isn’t as good as Buffy but I’m enjoying it and I think it has finally hit its stride with season 3.

Rewatching the BSG remake since a new series is coming soon.
Also rewatching Good Times and George Lopez.

Currently watching Clickbait with the wife and The Witcher on my own (she was out 45 seconds into the first episode :laughing: )

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My wife and I have really been into the British show Line of Duty. Thus far, into Series 5, I think it is one of the top five TV shows I’ve ever seen.