The Last Traitor / Thirteenth Is a Judas / Il tredicesimo è sempre Giuda (Giuseppe Vari, 1971)

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I wouldnt write about this, anyway, I found some interesting points. It’s always good to watch Donal O’Brien and Dino Strano together, the music is beatiful during the funeral. Unfortunatelly due this poor image, I could not see that a real sex scene, showing the girls’s breast…
It turns a bit difficult to follow when actin goes to talking, and just expect to see more… but all we have is some not connect parts…

I watched a VHS version, fullscreen, english audio with portuguese subtitles

How is it compared to his masterpice (IMO) “Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead.”?

I’d say A Hole in the Forehead and Django the Last Killer are Vari’s best films.
I need to watch this some day, I already started it once but fell asleep or something.

Or something?

I watched this the other night. It was okay, but nothing spectacular.

Also for me those two, with The Last Killer at position uno.

BTW some say that Deguejo is his best

[quote=“stanton, post:6, topic:1263”]BTW some say that Deguejo is his best[/quote]Deguejo? No way! Hardly average stuff.

No, no, also a good one, but not as good as the above 2.

Vari’s only routine western so far is Death Rides Alone. But even this one has it’s moments.

Vari was a good director, but all his SWs suffer a bit from the very low budgets.

Agreed. Dan Vadis is the best thing about this average flick

I’m halfway through Poker with pistols now, will be watching the remainder tomorrow. But so far, this to me is Vari’s best. Too bad it has some rather blunt cuts (running time only 80 min.), but at least it comes in English and widescreen (German tv source).

That’s what i thought also. He was pretty evil! I was also surprised by the film as i had read on the imdb that it was one of the best! It wasn’t bad…but i wouldn’t call it one of the best! Then again, each to his own of course!

For the first half an hour or so we just seem to have talking in different rooms, and even after this there is not really all that much gunplay in the film. The synchronization of the english dub is very poor, and found it hard to get involved with any character in the film.

Database comment for this little known film:

Giuseppe Vari’s last SW is a lesser one. 13th Is a Judas combines elements from murder mystery, treasure hunt and revenge movies without being really convincing. This ok western could have used a few more charismatic actors to make the story go, but with Dino Strano in the cast you know that Vari again didn’t have a decent enough budget to afford them.

Yeah, I think the story is too complicated, you should have better cast to have interest to story like this. Films budget is obviously very limited. In the end when they started the gunfight in the gravel pit I started to think how much more entertaining film Fidani would had made out of this. More action, less talking, some excessive violence and you might have a good c-grade western.

Vari’s weakest film for sure.

Watched a fandub of this using the Italian DVD. It looks terrific but can’t hide the fact that it was clearly made on thirty bob and a packet of Rothmans.

As some have said above it is incredibly talky and somewhat unnecessarily complicated in its plot. But I found enough to enjoy. I have a lot of respect for Vari. He made some very watchable films on very low resources. This is by no means his best and doesn’t compare well to his Anthony Ghidra films or Shoot the Living but it is not without some merit. And nice to see Donal O’Brien in a lead too.

Just watched this one and I must say I was a bit disappointed. :frowning:
I always enjoy Giuseppe Vari’s spaghettis. His films, in spite of being cheaply made, manage to entertain and try to be something more than brainless action-packed trashy films. Here is a very nice story with some surprising twist, but already after first 30 minutes we know that poor Giuseppe wasn’t given a decent budget. Again.

The cast isn’t too bad, even Dino Strano gives quite good performance. Besides Donald O’Brien and Maurice Poli (not a bad actor at all I must say) add to the enjoyment. However, the locations are remarkably poor and ugly (and not in the good meaning). The film looks more like twilight spaghetti western, which isn’t a good thing IMO. Even earlier Vari’s films were shot with better landscapes.

Music by Carlo Savina isn’t too nice. Sure, the main theme is nice and catchy, but some other pieces of soundtrack are very average and sounds as if they were taken from an old trashy American western. Fortunately Giuseppe Vari’s direction is fine, not too many zooms and close-ups, but there are a few tracking shots that look pretty. Anyway it’s weaker than in his earlier films. And the good cast and the gripping story as I said before.

Enjoyable, but far from gigantic Shoot The Living and great Ghidra films IMHO. Only for die-hard Vari’s fans. 2 stars.

What was he thinking with this scene?

Dunno, but this looks ridiculous.

I didn’t mind it at all - a bit of quirky flashback stuff that points to a lost relationship. Which is afterall a spaghetti cliche, and here it is, freshly squeezed into an otherwise distinctly average second half of the film.

On my way to hunt out 4 Came to kill Sartana in search of those hairy armpits :wink: I faltered at my newish and improved version of this film. So, not remembering much of it (including Brother CCB’s shot) - except for a treasure-hunty bit, I decided a rewatch was in order.
Now I’m a big fan of Vari’s films so far - fond of Deguello and others of course - but having both Django the Last Killer and A Hole in the Forehead residing in my Top 20 size=8pt[/size].
20 minutes in and I’m thrilled by the improved quality of the print, the great dialogue, the cool setting for the meal, and the colourful mix of characters, a tiniest smidge of nudity and yes! … hairy armpits!! … and I’m now wondering where all this magnificence could go wrong?

Well - Stanton’s database entry, and others, have summed it up really…

So, an enjoyable start that showed some potential for it to be a righteous goodie, but unfortunately it didn’t sustain, and fell off into an overambitious mish-mash.
But - certain elements will get it half marks - and then rounded up for the furry pits…

So - 1 nipple, 2 pits, 3 stars.

Only one nipple!! what about the other?