The Last Tomahawk / Der letzte Mohikaner (Harald Reinl, 1965),_Der

Anthony Steffen as a native american? Haha, this must be a real freak of a movie ;D!

No, not a native American. Hawkeye is a whity.


Not a great film by any stretch of the imagination but some beautiful Spanish locations and novel to see so many Indians instead of Mexicans in the Almerian desert.
Steffen’s first western too I believe.

Some mean looking Mohican Indians in this, but when you here their voice they do not sound all that mean :smiley: . Steffen looks super young, and not a bit of stuble in sight. Reinl did a better job with his Winnetou films, the stories are better for a start. All in all this is just a routine cowboys and indians lark.

Soldiers are defending a fort from mohican attacks. That’s basically the plot in this siege western, this sort of films were popular in pre-Leone years of the genre, I’ve seen quite many of these type films from the early years. I had not seen this eurowestern from Reinl before. It’s shot in Almeria instead of Yogoslavia and this makes it look more sw than his Winnetou films. Mohicans in the film have nice distinctive look instead of usual fake indians, historically it probably doesn’t make any sense to have them fighting soldiers in the late 19th century though. Anthony Steffen has his first western role as a Karl May type “man of the West” but sadly his role isn’t eventually that big.

My rating: 2/5

Finally got around to watch this one and i’m glad i did, i found it to be a pretty decent Euro-Western. Good cast ( Fuchsberger, Martin, Steffen, etc…) the story is ok and the action was good at times which entertained me for the most part and i was never bored.