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Closing out my 2018:
Drunken Master (Yuen, 1978) :star::star::star:
The Sisters Brothers (Audiard, 2018) :star::star::star:
Party Party (Winsor, 1983) :star::star::star:

(kit saginaw) #1267

The California Kid, 1974… I never know what to think of it. Great performances by Martin Sheen, Nick Nolte, Michelle Phillips, and Vic Morrow . But the plot never seems to say anything. I think what happened is that ABC Studios rushed the production so that the movie would ‘capture’ the audience that loved Steven Spielberg’s Duel, which premiered a few weeks earlier. Shot on the same locations, looks like.

It gets a 5-out-of-10.

(scherpschutter) #1268

Yes, wonderful

(scherpschutter) #1269


5 Days to Midnight (2004)

Originally a mini-series, made for cable, shown in five parts, with a total running time of 210 minutes. Timothy Hutton plays a physics professor who receives a message from the future that he will be shot within four days. Can he save his life without creating a time travel paradox that would rip the universe apart? Who wants to kill him and why? And what’s more: Who sent him this message?

Most critics thought 5 Days to Midnight was well acted (notably by Hutton and 10-year old Gage Golightly - looking like a young Drew Barrymore - who plays his daughter), but also thought it was way overlong and anti-climactic. It was re-edited and released on DVD, in two parts of 90 minutes, reducing the total running time by half an hour. It still looks a little overlong, and it takes a bit too much time to get going, but once it does, there are enough ideas, questions, twists and turns to keep you hooked. The ending is indeed a little anti-climactic, but the answer to the question who actually sent the message is quite intriguing.

I bought the DVD for less than 2 euros (3 DVDs for 5 euros). They were well-spent


(Stanton) #1270

Let me guess, the message was from himself?

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(Stanton) #1272

That’s then at least a surprise …

(scherpschutter) #1273

Yes, it was my idea as well that he himself sent the message

(scherpschutter) #1274


Changeling (2008, Clint Eastwood)

The movie chronicles the plight of a real-life mother, Christine Collins (played by Angelina Jolie), who comes home one day to find her son Walter missing; when the LA Police brings the boy home, she insists that the boy in question is not Walter. The police officer handling the case, has her then committed to a psychiatric hospital in LA.

Changeling must be one of Eastwood’s better directional efforts of his later career, even if it’s dramatically one-sided: there’s no doubt that Mrs. Collins was treated monstrously by the authorities, but her own conduct was not entirely irreproachable and for quite a while things were not as clear as presented in the script. The movie veers too much from thriller to courtroom drama and serial killer movie. But still … in spite of its obvious shortcomings, it’s a well-told, unsettling story that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

3+ (out of 5)

(Asa) #1275

So far in 2019:
Five Element Ninjas (Chang, 1982) :star::star::star::star:
Evil Dead II (Raimi, 1987) :star::star::star:
Bird Box (Bier, 2018) :star::star::star:
Requiem For Gringo (Merino, 1968) :star::star::star::star:
House of Traps (Chang, 1982) :star::star::star:
Harakiri (Kobayashi, 1962) :star::star::star::star:
Kotoko (Tsukamoto, 2011) :star::star::star:
Prince of Darkness (Carpenter, 1987) :star::star::star:
The Favourite (Lanthimos, 2019) :star::star::star:
Deadpool 2 (Leitch, 2018) :star::star::star:
Constantine: City of Demons - The Movie (Murphy, 2018) :star::star::star:

(Andy) #1276

Prince of Darkness is somewhat of a boring siege film but I still love it because it’s Carpenter and it was his last film with Donald Pleasance…

(Wilco Vedder) #1277

Enter the Ninja
Just a re-watch as childhood memory.
Where Nero was convincing in his wester roles, he is totally unbelievable as a Ninja.
And why are these gangsters always dressed in white and acting like they are dumbasses.

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I got a couple of pinky violence dvds during the holiday and this week I watched Terrifying Girls’ High School quadrilogy and it’s pretty good…. some crazy stuff in these films.


(Bill san Antonio) #1280

First 10 of 2019

  1. Desmares & Ekinci: Avril et le Monde Truqué 8/10
  2. de Oliveira: Sad Hill Unearthed (D) 7/10
  3. Coens: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 8/10
  4. Scola: Concorrenza sleale 8/10
  5. Kurosawa: Yojimbo 9/10
  6. Gil: Blackthorn 6/10
  7. von Sternberg: Devil is a Woman 6/10
  8. Demy: Les demoiselles de Rochefort 7/10
  9. Fleischer: Fantastic Voyage 6/10
  10. van Sant: Elephant 7/10


I bet that could make a pretty good Western.

(Stanton) #1282

A Masterpiece for me. Very fascinating.

Yojimbo is less good than its reputation. Like all Kurosawa films btw …


I feel this way about Fellini :neutral_face:

(Bill san Antonio) #1284

I’ve only liked 3-4 Fellini films. La Strada, Amarcord, Le notti di Cabiria… I would like to see more of his earlier works as I prefer them to his more famous films. But I have to also admit I’ve only seen films like 8 and a half and La Dolce Vita 20 years ago or something like that, I might like them more now.