The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

Another couple of classic noirs from 1947 for me. Both featuring a super cool Bob Mitchum.

Crossfire (Dmytryk / 7/10)
Out of the Past (Tourneur / 8/10)

Both are excellent and Crossfire must one of the few noirs which had academy award nominations but the second is the best for me and fares well with repeated viewings.


And three more from 1947. This time all British.

Black Narcissus (Powell & Pressberger / 7/10)
The Shop at Sly Corner (King / 6/10)
Brighton Rock (Boulting / 8/10)

Black Narcissus had the makings of a good Nunsploitation flick but was hamstringed by its times. Has some good moments though. Brighton Rock is the pick of the bunch and still holds up well today. Richard Attenborough was a terrific actor and plays the nasty little hoodlum of this piece to a tee.


I watched “Back to Bataan” (1945) today and it has all the flaws you would expect from a film of this type and time but it was much better then I was expecting it to be going in!

This is a better then average world war 2 film from the 1940s starring John Wayne that features some great action set pieces and flashes of shocking acts of violence for a film of its time!

I also really enjoyed the filipino kid character’s performance played by child actor ‘Ducky’ Louie who according to IMDB is still alive and must be in his 90s at least now!


I’m watching this one later today…so thanks for your thoughts on it. :wink:

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A triple-bill of terror…





Finished off my 1947 journey with a couple of Hollywood A lister vehicles.

Possessed (Bernhardt / 5/10)
The Bishop’s Wife (Koster / 6/10)

Possessed is a Joan Crawford flick where she is a schizophrenic and is ok but not one I’ll be returning to I expect. The Bishop’s Wife is a cross between Miracle on 34th St and It’s a Wonderful Life but doesn’t really get remembered as fondly it seems. Cary Grant is his usual charming self and I actually quite enjoyed it for a Christmas movie. In comparison to a bunch of other films from 1947 though it does pale a bit. These early post war years really were strong in cinema and I’m enjoying the journey.

1948 is next obviously and I’m particularly looking forward to some first rate westerns released that year. Red River, Fort Apache, Yello Sky and Blood on the Moon. Fair to say that westerns really grew up after the war.


Oh, and 3 Godfathers too. I forgot that one.


The john Wayne Christmas movie?