The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

Guest House Paradiso - Rik Mayall/Adrian Edmundson British comedy from 1999


I agree. Having Jill Ireland in the movie more often would added more to Valachi’s overall story. They had a kid together, but the son is only mentioned once.


Getting into the Halloween season by watching “Frankenstein Created Woman” (1967) tonight!

Hot take but this is the best of the hammer Frankenstein movies I’ve seen so far, and that includes the original one from 1957! (which is also damn good!)

Despite the fact it really does takes a lot of time to get going, but once it does it fires on all cylinders!


A Chow Mein and Bruce on Saturday afternoon…bliss…


I had some time to kill today so I decided to do a Lucio Fulci classic double feature.

This may be my favorite movie of Fulci’s. I love the plot…


…and Marisa Mell was the perfect mix of beauty and sex appeal.

I followed that up with…

I’ll admit that this one has plot holes you could drive a truck through but it is just so stylish that I’ve always considered it one of my favorites.


The only thing I could have done to improve it, outside of fixing the plot holes, would be to add a little more screen time for Anita Strindberg.


‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ (2022)

Set on a remote, fictional island off the west coast of Ireland in the 1920s, the film stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, as two lifelong friends who find themselves at an impasse, when one abruptly ends their relationship, with alarming and disturbing consequences for both of them.


After initially reading the synopsis for ‘Banshees’, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this tale of woe.
It doesn’t have the happiest of story-lines, but it is one that continuously builds on the tension that follows one friend telling the other that he finds him dull, and doesn’t want to know him anymore…
It begs the question…is honesty with oneself, and others, the best policy.? Or is silence a better, less hurtful option? Should one be true to others, even if it is a lie, or be truthful to oneself, and take the rough with the smooth?

“You used to be nice. Or did you never used to be? Oh, God. Maybe you never used to be.”

As I said, this is not an easy watch, but it is superbly-crafted, well-scripted, excellently acted by all concerned, and raises more questions than it answers. The beautiful Irish landscape is hauntingly beautiful, yet grim and foreboding; while the sense of desolation and lack of privacy that comes from living on a small island is well-realised.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly one that I will be re-visiting again very soon…if only for the shining performances from the two lead actors, Farrell and Gleeson. Of special note also, are the actor and actress, Barry Keoghan, and the beautiful Kerry Condon (pictured below).


I’ve been going thru the handful of rob zombie films I’ve yet to see this Halloween and last night I watched “3 from hell” (2019) for the first time!

This isn’t going to win over anyone who didn’t like the previous films in rob zombie’s firefly family trilogy, but I ended up really loving this bizarre contemporary set almost spaghetti western vibe-d hang out horror film!

Sure it takes a bit to get going but once the fireflys get to Mexico I was 100 percent on board with this and knew I was in good hands!
The use of the song “in-a-gadda-da-vida” towards the end of this one comes close to topping the use of “freebird” in the previous film!

One more rob zombie film to go (lords of salem) but this might be my favorite pleasant surprise of the bunch!


Coming from someone that has seen Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert over ten times, including once with Ronnie Van Zant when I was 11 years old and who was there when the band first reunited after the plane crash at the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam in Nashville, nothing tops the use of “Freebird” in the prior film. :laughing:


A bit off topic, I know. And maybe a bit boring, yeah. But I usually try to rewatch classic horror movies during October. Watched the first two Karloff “Frankenstein” films over the weekend. Yesterday was “Invisible Man”. The effects, given their time, are still jaw dropping to me.


The biggest problem with “Memento” is how to briefly describe it to someone who hasn’t seen it yet. “It’s about someone with short term memory problems” just doesn’t get it. But, man, does it get even better the second or third time you watch it.

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I watched “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” (1982) for the first time yesterday (with 8 MORE DAYS TIL HALLOWEEN SILVER SHAMROCK!)

Its basically the Americanization of “Quatermass and the pit” (1967), as written by its original screenwriter, Nigel Kneale!

Super glad I finally watched this one after hearing about how odd it was for years, and yeah the plot of it is TOTAL BONKERS! You know what, screw it this is might be my favorite film in the Halloween film franchise if not its a close second!

Its such an incredibly HUGE swing of a movie for a horror franchise to make and I am super happy to see its finally been getting its due as its own little unique horror gem that it is in recent years!

This has some of the best fall/autumnal vibes I’ve seen in any film period and might just be the most John Carpenter movie not directed by him!


I really like ‘Halloween 3 - Season of the Witch’ myself…great fun every October 31st.

No Michael Myers, but we do get the brilliant cult actor, Tom Atkins, who is always a pleasure to see on screen.

The tune, ‘Silver Shamrock’, is a clever variation on ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. (See the two Youtube examples below).

  1. Bresson: Lancelot du Lac (cinema) 1/10
  2. Corman: The Pit and the Pendulum 7/10
  3. Deodato: Cannibal Holocaust 10/10
  4. Herzog: Nosferatu 9/10
  5. Hamer: Kind Hearts and Coronets 8/10
  6. Austin: Virgin witch (cinema) 6/10
  7. Ferreri: Tales of Ordinary Madness (cinema) 7/10
  8. Genovesi: 7 donne e un mistero 4/10
  9. Polanski: Repulsion 7/10
  10. Meyer: Cherry, Harry and Raquel 5/10

Excuse the short interruption, just pointing everyone’s attention to the November madness starting Wednesday we call Spagvemberfest: The What? Why? and How? of SpagvemberFest!

Watched The Island of Dr. Moreau last night and thought it was alright. If nothing else, Brando and Kilmer were both really fun on screen.


Just had a triple-bill of horror… :jack_o_lantern:


Halloween 3 is one of the best Halloween themed movie of all time in my book!


Yesterday I had a Universal monsters double feature. I started with “Dracula” from 1931. This one is the film to kickstart the universal monster movies and is very influential. I really enjoyed it, but it felt more like a musicless play than it did a movie. Clearly Tod Browning had a bit of a problem with the transition to talkies. Lugosi Béla was great as the elegant and well dressed Count, and the sets were great.

I followed it up with the far superior “The Old Dark House” from 1932, directed by James Whale. This one was fantastic! The acting by everyone, and in particular Boris Karloff, was great, the atmosphere was very fitting and the plot was very unique and involving. If Dracula, nearly a hundred years later, would be considered little more than an antique historical curiosity, “The Old Dark House” is an excellent and atmospheric horror-thriller that everyone should watch!


Spent my Halloween watching Psycho with a live Symphony Orchestra! It was an amazing experience having those sharp strings coming from right Infront of you.


Wow, sounds really cool!