The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

So knacked last night, that I ended up simply flicking through scenes from my fav films.

Sometimes the best way to do things, when undecided, is to re-visit old pals.

Bullitt, In the Heat of the Night, Cool Hand Luke, Bonnie and Clyde, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force (if only for the main theme); ‘The Great Escape’ (McQueen’s jump)…in my home, he’s jumped that fence at least 3,000 times… :grinning:

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I jusr watched cut-throats nine. Had no idea what to expect, now I am wishing I knew about it earlier. Claudio Undari was a lot better than I was expecting in it.

So last night I rewatched Force 10 from Navarone. For decades I considered it the better of the two. But a few weeks earlier I had seen The Guns of Navarone. So having re-disovered both, I must now change my perception, I do like the original more now and it is the better movie (about that last thing there was never any doubt). For some reason I must have dug that straight forward, slightly pulpy sequel better for some time… or it’s a 2001 → 2010 knock off effect (I feel the same about the space operas)


For me it’s more easy as for me are both mediocre.

Got round to watching the Arrow Blu-Rays of Takashi Miike’s Audition and Lucio Fulci’s Don’t Torture a Duckling.

Audition was great and the ending made me squirm even more than Ichi the Killer. I’m normally not a fan of ‘slow burn’ movies but the little hints towards Asami’s true nature that are dropped throughout kept me engaged.

The only Fulci film I’ve seen so far is Zombie Flesh Eaters but after watching this and Duckling (and soon to be Massacre Time with the new Arrow set) have convinced me I need to see some more of his stuff (some recommendations would be great!). I loved the setting of the rural mountain village. The whos-dunnit aspect was really good and I enjoyed the critique of things like the catholic church and religious scepticism. The casting was great too, with Tomas Milan sporting a 70s porno stache and Barbara Bouchet sporting her birthday suit.


Well, you should definitely see Four of the Apocalypse then. Top20 sw for me.


I purchased and watched A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin the other day and found it to be even better than I anticipated. I really enjoyed it. And as Bill_san_Antonio pointed out, Four of the Apocalypse is definitely one of the more unique movies you will see within the genre.

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Mad World (2016) was kinda moving. Also saw the 6th Nico Geraldi flick and I might need a break from that forna while now :slight_smile:

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Last night, I had a great time with John Carpenter’s immensely enjoyable 'Big Trouble in Little China.'
I’d already seen this a few times in the past, and wasn’t particularly bothered…This time? I absolutely loved it!
Isn’t it strange how our viewing tastes can be as fickle, and changeable as the weather?

Followed by…

And ended the evening with…


I rewatched THE GUNS OF NAVARONE a while ago and discovered, much to my surprise, that it was no more than a decent action movie, not bad, but nothing to write home about either. I first saw the movie in cinema, when I was fourteen or fifteen years old, and thought it was tremendous, and still thought it was a great adventure movie when I rewatched it some twenty years later, but it seems that I have grown too old (and wise,) to fully appreciate this kind of stuff. I haven’t seen FORCE TEN in ages (think I saw it one on televison) so I can’t say anything conclusive about it.

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I hope so, Dean…I’ve just bought it on Bluray! :wink:

Actually, I’ve heard nothing BUT good about it, so looking forward to a first viewing…


What did you think of Edge of the Axe? I found it kinda mediocre. Had a crazy ending tho.

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Hi, Max…

I’ve seen it twice now…and - as you said - mediocre… :thinking:

Not as good as ‘Blood Rage’, and ‘The Mutilator’…check 'em out… :+1:


A double-bill of Robert E. Howard…One of my favourite fantasy writers…


You have incredible taste Toscano. I only started reading Howard this year, but he’s quickly become one of my favorite fantasy authors as well.
Still haven’t seen that Solomon Kane movie, but I should check it out at some point.

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Watched the ridiculous and fantastic film Raiders of Atlantis yesterday on the new Severin Blu-ray. Great restoration from StudioCanal. Also has a couple of Spaghetti Western actors in the cast as well, George Hilton and Ivan Rassimov


Some recent ones:

  1. Sollima: Run Man Run 7/10
  2. Hansen: The Bikini Car Wash Company 4/10
  3. Dietrich: Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle 4/10
  4. Godard: La chinoise 5/10
  5. Nikolaidis: Euridice BA 2037 6/10
  6. Beatty: Reds 7/10
  7. Miike: Happines of Katakuris 7/10

that title!

It does sound alluring, doesn’t it?

Hansen also made Takin’ it off with Kitten Natividad. That was one of the first “sex films” I saw as a teenager. Film was mostly made up around several striptease numbers. That film is famous for it’s theme song which will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life. :laughing:

The Mule

A new Bradley Cooper film, with the always great Micheal Pena in a too small role to have much of a chance to steal him the show. Likeable but conventional, and a bit too sentimental towards the end. 6/10