The Last Movie You Watched? ver.2.0

That’s kinda (well actually not kinda it actually is) a racist statement

As a site admin shouldn’t you know better.

I’m not trying to start any trouble
(I came to this board for my love of spaghetti Westerns and to get away from politics that seem to infest every other form of social media

But its annoying that white people are the only people that can be disparaged for their color and no one says a word

If you wrote “its a super shallow black-people remake”
There would be no doubt people would consider that racist

Just my two cents


Yeah you have a point there. I should’ve phrased this differently, no matter the politics. I certainly didn’t mean it in a racist kind of way, but it is very reminiscent of Get Out, albeit transplanted into a… well… world of the ultra rich, (WASPy is probably also not PC) kind of world :wink:
But thanks for pointing out my lack of sensitivity there.

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Actually I don’t believe in PC
I believe in free speech

Even if I despise what you’re saying I will fight for your right to say it - that is true free speech
Limiting what someone says due to PC-ness is wrong (At this rate soon we will have the Thought Police)

I only pointed out “your lack of sensitivity” cause like I stated earlier “Whites” are the only people of color that can be disparaged and I’m tired of people trying to blame whites for everything.

I Especially Dislike “Whites” that Apologize for being White or that try to convince other whites that they are inherently racist just for being White

Anyways I love this site and promise not to bring my political views to the site.


U broke that quickly ;)) but it’s not forbidden!

Anyways, I said something carelessly and you were right to point that out. Let’s leave it at that and back on topic :slight_smile:

60th Anniversary viewing of Sergio Leone’s ‘sword and sandal’ epic, filmed in 1961.

I watched it on DVD, accompanied by a superb audio commentary by Sir Christopher Frayling.


I remember being quite underwhelmed by this :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if you’re if you were trying to be funny or not cause you winked
I thought it was obvious that I meant from that point forward :man_shrugging:

Agreed :smirk:

Saturday night Horror double-bill…


Clint’s 91st birthday yesterday, so I celebrated with this iconic film - which is also commemorating its 50th anniversary this year…



Saturday night horror double-bill…


Watched the newly released Strike Commando Blu-ray from Severin yesterday. Was surprised to learn that one of the characters (Major Harriman) played by Mike Monty was dubbed by Spaghetti Western regular William Berger. Honestly expected a European-like accent from him but his voice fits the character well. Did Berger ever dub himself in his films?

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Last 10:

  1. Korine: Spring Breakers 7/10
  2. Polanski: Fearless Vampire Killers 10/10
  3. Hill: The Long Riders 6/10
  4. Beaudeline: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter 4/10
  5. Rohmer: Aviator’s Wife 8/10
  6. Kotcheff: Wake in Fright 10/10
  7. Kaurismäki: Zombie and the Ghost Train 10/10
  8. Edwards: The Party 9/10
  9. Lynch: The Straight Story 8/10
  10. Tulio: Mustasukkaisuus 6/10
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I watched the recently-released Bluray of ‘Waterloo’ last night…definitely worth getting, and looking the best I’ve ever seen it - with gorgeous picture quality, and some wonderful extras.


You also get to hear Gianni Garko speak English in that (presuming it’s really his voice)

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I doubt it … this was one of those international co-productions where Robert Rietti dubs everybody … unfortunately the guy had such a distinctive voice, he’s easily recognized which ever accent he used.

Check out movies like ‘Catlow’ and ‘A Town Called Bastard’ … that’s Rietti ‘doing’ everyone but the main leads … He has ruined so many movies for me :slightly_frowning_face: LOL

Imagine if someone like Kubrick directed it! It would have been incredible.

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Imagine if Godfrey Ho directed it, and have Richard Harrison play Napoleon Bonaparte!..It would’ve been Ho’s masterpiece.


An adrenaline-fuelled double-bill of the legend that is Gene Hackman - what a magnificent actor. So compelling and sensational on screen.


thinking of doing that as well, since both are on disney+ which I am currently testing

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I’ve never seen French Connection II (I’ve got it on blu, I’ve just never gotten around to it). Any good? Worth a look? I must say, I like The French Connection but I’ve never quite fallen in love with it. As a 70s crime thriller it should be right up my street.

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