The Last Film You Saw in the Cinema?

I shall look forward to hearing your report … I just can’t do cinemas these days, so I’d love to know what an unbiased western fan’s take is. Have fun.


The nearest theater to me showing it is an hour away but I am thinking of making the journey this weekend.

On an unrelated note, the total box office so far doesn’t bode well for the immediate future of westerns here in the U.S. In its second week of release, it has dropped out of the top five following a lackluster opening of $11 million over here. They are saying that it cost $100 million to make the first two chapters. Given how close together the first two chapters are being released, I don’t see the second part out drawing the first.

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I intend seeing it later this week

The Last Duel (2021) d: Ridley Scott. I’m a fan of The Duellists(1977), Ridley Scott’ s freshman production about two officers in Napoleon’s army who fight a series of duels during the Napoleonic Wars. I watched Scott’s 2023 biopic about Bonaparte with Joaquin Phoenix about Corsica’s most famous son. I liked it. But, I agree with the sentiment that it’s impossible to make a satisfactory biopic about Napoleon Bonaparte because his life was so epic in scale that a movie would quickly turn into a mini series in order to adequately cover his amazing life. A coworker friend and fellow movie nerd told me that The Last Duel was worth a watch. All I could say was that Mr. Scott has a thing for Bonaparte and French guys who are out to kill each other in long-standing vendettas. The movie was reminiscent of Kurosawa’s Rashomon. The story follows a growing vendetta between two French squires (played by Damon and Driver) that is fuelled by their lord’s favorable treatment towards Driver and dislike of the other (Damon). When Damon’s wife (Comer) accuses Driver of rape, both former friends must duel to the death for the king.