The Jim Adams Legend

Has anyone ever heard of young sheriff Jim Adams and his three legendary friends?I’m quite sure no one in here has,they were a long running series of weekly,western books and magazines that were published in Greece back in the sixties and seventies.The circulation went through the roof back then in that country mostly by teenagers .These stories were written by a Greek-American writer whose name still remains unknown today,i feel angry that these tales never saw the light out of Greece,not even the slightest effort was made,i’m almost certain that they were never translated in english or any other language.There was a fine combination of classic old west entertainment,adventure,suspense,mystery,humor,horror,drama and even science fiction once in a while.The atmosphere was often Tim Burtonish with many creepy moments taking place.The characters were simply great and the plots had smooth twists.I really believe that this particular material could revive the western genre somehow if done right by the right hands in Hollywood.I will need your help though,i’m just a fanatic reader from Greece…

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Sorry to disappoint but I’ve really never heard of these stories. Why don’t you tell us more about them.

Well, i too see those pictures for the first time. But from looking at the third one it reminds me a bit of the lucky luke comics while the first two ones look more like superman(1st) or these film-noir influenced comics(2nd). But from your dexcription it sounds pretty much like a big genremix.

Yeah, I thought the third picture seemed a bit incongruous with the other two. seems like a totally different style. Want to illuminate us Chipiripo?

Never heard of The Jim Adams Legend.

We have Donald Duck instead

Same here

Finally!Thank you guys for answering at last my topic,i had given up hope,there’s not much to say here unless you could read the stories themselves,hmm,let’s see,three teenagers and a twelve year old Indian boy are wandering the wild west fighting bad guys and sometimes really,really bad guys,their names are Dimitris Adamopoulos,Jim Adams for short,the eighteen year old sheriff from Greece,very proud to be from Sparta,very quick draw,sharp and strong,handsome too,Pepito Gonzales is his best friend,they grew up together,Pepito is Mexican from Chihuahua,he’s the complete opposite of Jim with two exceptions,he’s very quick with a six shooter too and he can be very lucky in the most unfortunate situations,he likes riding his burro Pelegrino,a very stubborn ass of a donkey that kicks him in the rear every chance it gets,Pepito’s main ambition is to become a sheriff of Austin,Texas.Personally he reminds me of Goofy from Disney,Diana Morrison is the girl of the group,she’s seventeen and secretly in love with Jim,the writer calls her an amazon,she’s pretty quick too and acrobatic,beautiful as well,last but not least we have Chipiripo,the 12 year old son of the Commanches chief,he’s the scout of the group,very wise for his age,he smiles a lot and he fights bow and arrow,these are the main elements of the characters,what else can i say,their main nemesis is a villain called El Capitan,a very dark character,almost Dracula like,he wants to conquer America but first he must get rid of the four brats as he calls them,ok,i hope you guys are a little pleased now,the stories can be detective like most of the times but they can be dark and agonizing too,yes there’s a genre mix occasionally and yes Jim looks a bit like Superman,i need so badly to promote these stories worldwide,they are not the best western stories ever written but they sure deserve a wider recognition,they are completely forgotten in Greece,i wish i could find a translator willing to take the time and effort…

Any links online to see some examples?

No,i’m afraid not,these stories are not comic books,i’ll try posting more pictures…

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some more pics…

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