The Hunting Party (Don Medford, 1971)

(The Man With a Name) #41

Watched the MGM DVD again. Love this film! I hate the scene with the peaches and the annoying music though. I wish they’d have thought of something different since it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the film at all. The film has its flaws but it still gets a 4/5 rating from me. Hopefully the more explicit version is released someday.

(Bill san Antonio) #42

I love the peach scene. :smiley: :tangerine:

(The Man With a Name) #43

At least somebody likes it. I can’t stand it every time I watch it. The scene in the open car of the train lets it down a bit, too. It would have been better to film an interior shot since it ended up looking too false. Other than that, the rest of the film is solid. Unlike some, I didn’t find it boring. The pace is very good and the acting is superb. Probably the best of Candice Bergen’s westerns. I’ll have to give Bite the Bullet another watch soon.

(scherpschutter) #44

So do I

(The Man With a Name) #45

Can anybody remember what is in the UK VHS that isn’t in the DVD?