The Hunting Party (Don Medford, 1971)


Anybody seen this british-produced eurowestern?

It’s said to be extremely violent, but other than that I don’t know too much about it.

I don’t remember it as extremely violent, but I like it. It’s got a grim and nasty tone. There’s a dvd out from MGM, with both widescreen and pan/scan versions at a good price.

MGM DVD R1 release, Dir by Don Medford (more of a TV dir did some Twilight Zones, The Rifleman, Untochables, etc., etc.)

Picked up this bloody Almeria shot Western today and watched it, its not bad, and its entertaining, very bloody, as Gene Hackman (Ruger) and his “hunting party” go after Frank Calder (Oliver Reed) and his gang who mistakenly happen to kidnap a woman (Candace Bergen) that they think is the school marm but who in reality is Ruger’s wife (for the purpose of teaching Reed to read). Ruger equiped his “party” with scoped 800 yard rifles, and they easily pick off Calder’s gang. There are really no good guys in this western and it dose have a SW like ending, no big shootouts though, but lots of carnage, animal gutting, shotgun to the face, etc., etc., definitely not for the squimish among you.

Also a bit misogynistic, so ladies beware.

Note to future Western Directors: This is what modern westerns need more “carnage” less dialog

Forgetable score by Riz Ortolani

Recognized some town landscapes from “The Mercenary” and a lot of the familiar ramblas, the oasis from FAFDM, and also a lot of landscapes that I’ve not seen before. If you can pick it up for under $10 is worth a look.

Reed does a very credible job as an outlaw much better and more believeable than Sean Connery’s turn as a scout in Shalako.

i haven’t yet seen it (i will get round to getting a R1 dvd) but i know that the U.K. version is cut by the bbfc.

I saw it, its a bit violent,its not bad but i dont know there is something missing in this movie
that make it not so enjoyable. Maybe because there is no likable character.

saw it the other night, it has some good Peckinpah style violence.
i thought it was going to be more violent than it was because the BBFC cut out nearly 2 mins in the U.K.
i have since found out that it is when Oliver Reed rapes Candice Bergen (it was cut because she starts to like it which is a big no with the BBFC)

Did you saw the US DVD? According to some people at SWWB it’s cut, some cigarette to the titties violence is supposed to be missing which has been on some unrated version that has been shown couple of times in some military “theaters” or something (the R-rated version only hints at this, but the unrated is supposed to show it). This apparently might also be present on the UK version (if I remember correctly) which is cut in other ways (as you said).

i never got the old U.K. tape because i knew it was cut, i havent seen one for ages but if i can get it cheap i will to compare.

Good, violent and grim film in the style of wild Bunch. Riz Ortolani’s score is good one and to me it sounded like mixture of spaghetti music and traditional western music. Film is at it’s best when the hunting starts and Hackman is shooting the bandits mercilessly. It’s filmed in Hackman’s POV and reminded me of Bogdanovich’s Targets. Very effective scene as the bandits doesn’t even know what hit 'em and start to panic. Later on the film loses its grip a bit, maybe because there’s really no good guys in it so you don’t even care much how will they end up.

In my opinion it’s more eurowestern than spaghetti, though. Is it UK/Italian-production? It is qualified as spaghetti in the database.

I think it’s a British/Spanish co-production. Qualifies as a spaghetti in my book but purists might think otherwise.

[quote=“AvatarDK, post:10, topic:272”]I think it’s a British/Spanish co-production. Qualifies as a spaghetti in my book but purists might think otherwise.[/quote]I believe we have the policy of including all Italian co-productions as spaghetti’s. Other european productions should be included as eurowestern. Not that significant difference but still…

Alright, had a feeling the dividing line would be around there.

British/Spanish/Italian co-production according to Bruckner. Anyway i think it’s a good, violent movie.

Good to know people like the film, as I myself think it is a pretty decent film.

Hackman and Bergin apparantly do not like to speak about the film, but Oliver Reed (when he was alive of course) stood by the film.

Not according to the “big book”, there he has it classified as a British/Spanish co-production and it’s placed in the “Westerns without Pasta”-section.

Will have to get this one. It’s missing in my collection and it will get a nice place between in my spaghetti western section :slight_smile:

No SW for me. The style is different, the key personal is american and english, so is the film.


Gives a very fearsome , solid, engaging, wild, enjoyable performance.

As in most of his excellent films OLIVER REED brings a fresh enthusiasm and character.

A very well made, sadistic, serious western , top rated in all departments.

My vote for THE HUNTING PARTY 1971 is 15 out of 20 :-* :smiley:

Do you hate Gene Hackman also?

:’( I can accept Gene Hackman :-\ in some very selected roles :wink:

OLIVER REED is the man in this film anyway. (And in most other films he appears in).

I think this one is OK. A Bit boring but when the action starts, it really is graphic.