The Hills Run Red (1966) coming from MGM

Un Fiume di dollari (1966) a.k.a The Hills Run Red, is due out from MGM on 22nd May.

Just announced at the HTF, alongside single disc releases of the Sabata films, and American Westerns ‘Gun the Man Down’ and ‘Gunfight’.

Based on the Sabata discs, don’t expect any extras here, but it should be a nice OAR print.

I’m looking forward to this, possible TOP 20 material?

trailers? database links? never seen this film

quite a good film, Henry Silva is superb as the sadistic villain (was this the only spaghetti he was in?)

Neither have I, the movie sounds great but is the MGM DVD really full screen?

SWDB page

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Hardly. Average film in my opinion. I just wonder why it was so succesful when it was released.

Probably because if is Lizzani, he was quite a respected director.

MGM usually doesn’t release fullscreen. maybe its letterbox

Nice looking sleeve! I’ve had this on pre-order for what seems like forever now…just hope i’m not disappointed when it arrives. Though, the trailer looks fairly interesting, and Henry Silva is usually great to watch.

I agree, this film is a bit above average, but not more than that. And a top 20 film?.. never, there are lesser known SW’s that are better.

Really? I think this sleeve looks awful. I think they tried to make it look more like american western. The cover doesn’t have any of that separate italian appearance.

Hmmmm…guess you’re right on that score. But then, what would make it seem more Italian? Even the posters for the film look pretty generic.

This is quite a nice sleeve i think

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Yes, I like that picture! That would have been cool!

But then again, It’s already been used.

Fair enough. Haven’t seen that one.

Does anyone know whether this new release is in 2.35 widescreen like the Japanese DVD?

judging from amazon, it’s not… i hope it is

According to this link:

it is presented in 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen as it should be. Anything else would be a disgrace.

Cheers, thanks for that.

H. Hughes puts this in his top ten. He must have good taste, he has STRANGER RETURNS in top 40.