The Hellbenders / I crudeli (Sergio Corbucci, 1967)

Great review! It is a ‘thinking man’s’ spaghetti western. Corbucci and Sollima were good at these. The moral ambiguity of the characters does make it compelling viewing. I would recommend it to people who are interested in Spaghetti westerns but I don’t think It will be on by top 10 list.

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Seem to remember it being a lot better than Navajo Joe but I’ll have to revisit that one

This is my 5th favourite Corbucci, behind Great Silence, Django, Mercenary & Companeros.


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Hellbenders would probably be my fifth favourite Corbucci also.

In Corbucci territory I crudeli is for me only # 8 or # 9 of his dozen, with a solid 5/10 rating.

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It’s probably not your typical Corbucci Western but I really enjoyed it. Joseph Cotten is a vicious bad guy and the action scenes are quick but brutal.

Wondering what everyone here thinks of this flick?

There is a thread for it.

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On Yugoslavian poster Cotten is misteriously MIA and the movie has become an “american western”:

Translation of the title is: Dead Men Have Free Pass.