The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


That’s the one, El Topo, spot on. Over to you sir.

(El Topo) #9505

Thanks makesthemovie
Can someone take this one for me, Im stuck in the Hospital awaiting cirurgy to a broken foot




Good luck El Topo, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors


I know this one real well, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life! Graham Chapman is my favorite. If anyone’s curious, here’s my second ever post on the comic genius

(You’ll have to scroll down for it, sorry)


Time to resurrect this thread … Ok, pretty famous WWII movie, though I have no idea who this guy is. Good luck :thinking:


Is it Kelly’s Heroes?


It is indeed … well done - over to you :smiley:


Grazie Aldo, I took a totally wild guess with that one :grin:

Let’s give this Eurocrime Noir a try


Confessions of a Police Captain ? :thinking:


That’s the one Aldo :+1: spot on! Over to you Sir.


Thank you, MTM

Try this one - the lead actor starred in one well known SW and co-starred in another semi-spag


The Mad Bomber.


That’s the one :smiley: over to you,


Thx,…try this one.


Here’s one more,… it’s a super hero film if that helps.:zipper_mouth_face:

(El Topo) #9520

The Phantom, the one with Billy Zane


That’s the one El Topo, over to you… Oh by the way, how’s your foot?

(El Topo) #9522

Thanks Lone_Gringo

About, things are going better, a piece of iron in it is what you pay when think you can still play football like if you were 18, but you’re not.

About the guess let’s try this one


Knives of the Avenger ?

Plus: Get well soon :smiley: