The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread




Take a Hard Ride :thinking:


That’s the one - over to you, Lone Gringo


Thanks,… how about this one.


‘Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return’ ? :thinking:


That’s it aldo, bueno!


Easy one, I hope :smiley:


Is it Submarine X-1?


That is correct :smiley:


Grazie Aldo,

OK, let’s give this one a try


‘A Stranger in Town’ ?


That’s the one, Aldo :+1:t2:!!! Over to you, sir.


Thank you, makesthemovie

Here’s a very well known SW … should be identified without much difficulty, but check out the two band members in the middle with 1960s glasses … where’s the assistant director when you need 'em!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Death Rides A Horse.


That’s the one … and the first major movie filmed at Fort Bravo, Tabernas.


Aha, we (and I reluctantly as always, was more satisfied with a camino run up Sierra Alhamilla, not knowing that I could have chosen a famous route to Cerro Lee Van Cleef but which I choose last autumn instead) visited only Fort Bravo 2 years ago (March 11 - rather hot day), since my wife believed Mini Hollywood and Western Leone were more like modern tourist traps. But that was before I got hooked on certain SW locations and then summer of 2018 became a little bit more serious SW fan…

New, maybe easy riddle for the experts ? Riddle3


8 hours and no answer/guess, so I provide a revealing clue : It is from a SW !


Now I rank this SW rather high, after having bought it after a review and maybe reading a forum thread here.
The next screenshot would probably be more easy, so I will wait a little while before posting it.

Another clue :An English spoken title of this SW reminds of the title in a very recent post in this thread.


I’m going to take a wild guess and The Time of Vultures, aka Last of the Badmen with George Hilton and Frank Wolff?