The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Thanks, Lone Gringo.

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Vivo per la tua morte a.k.a. A Long Ride from Hell


:+1: That’s it. Starring Steve Reeves, who turned down the lead role in Fistful of Dollars and apparently the Bond role in Dr. No.


That’s true; he turned down both because his salary for the Peplums was $250,000 per film. Jolly Films told Leone to offer only $15,000 to whoever played the lead and I think the salary for Dr. No was five digits.

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Thanks Massimo, here is an easy one for today

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Man, Pride and Vengeance (1967)


Jeepers, you gotta be quick on the draw 'round here! :grinning:

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That’s right, Mickey! :+1:

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Here comes Mickey for a quickie.

I haven’t even seen the movie, that was a little too easy, not sure whether it counts. I’ll post something later on if you do not disapprove of my contemptible fraudulence, brother Jonathan.

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OK, something that should be fairly easy for you guys:


Looks like Delon in the 2nd pic … could it be ‘Pour la peau d’un flic’ ?

(Mickey13) #9355

Not that one, Aldo. I’ll be watching all those 1980s Delon crime flicks soon, coincidentally, I’m hoarding all those movies as we speak, but it’s not Delon either. I’ll post more pics in just a second.

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Definitely looks French, I’ll say Garde a Vue

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Not French, there is a clue as to film’s origins: Ministero dell’Interno.

It’s a giallo.

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(JonathanCorbett) #9361

La tarantola dal ventre nero

(Mickey13) #9362

Correct, good job, Jonathan. Your turn. :+1:

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Thanks Mickey, let’s see if anyone knows this one… :wink: