The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Ok, how about this one - Good luck :grinning:


I think i can stream Rete 4 on my Kodi box. If so…i’ll watch Chapaqua’s Gold, even though i don’t understand Italian language.:slightly_smiling_face:


See if this helps :thinking:


Is it Young Guns by any chance?


Not that one.



I definitely don’t recognise any of the photos, but 2 or 3 specific details remind me of Death Rides A Horse (one of the only some 26 SWs I have ever seen this millenium), that is a Mexican small pueblo at Las Salinillas, a donkey with chart (which Van Cleef used to get there) and but maybe at another time in the movie men including Mexicans attacking.

It seems less likely though that it could be that movie since there are several hundred SWs that I have not seen, and many had scenes from Las Salinillas.


That’s the right area, but not the right film :smiley:


(Rutledal) #9031

A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof?


No :grinning:


(El Topo) #9035

Valdez is coming?


Correct, El Topo :+1: :grinning:

(El Topo) #9037

I know the film well, but didn’t realize it was made in Almeria

Thnak’s Aldo

Now for something different from the previous one


L’Uomo Flim Flam aka Flim Flam Man?

(El Topo) #9039

That’s the one Massimo

With the great George C Scott

up to you mate


Thanks, El Topo.

This one also stars an Academy Award winning actor, but not George C. Scott:



Is it Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis?


It’s not and DDL is not in it either.