The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


“Right you are”.:clap:


(autephex) #8684

I recognize that white jacket :thinking:

(kevenz) #8685

A Texas in Sacramento ? lol :wink: I know the title but… I’ll let someone else find it

(autephex) #8686

I just started watching this, but is it Twice a Judas? That scene looks like the same area as the opening shot in TaJ

Edit: Just finished Twice a Judas so I know that wasn’t it, although it seems to be the same location used in much of the film. And speaking of, that fall down the rock hill at the end by Kinski’s stunt man- wow!

I’m pretty sure I recognize both characters even though its just the back of them, but haven’t placed it yet


Bravo … you have a good eye - it’s the very same location. I’ll speak more about it when someone guesses correctly :smile:


Perhaps this will help ?


Perhaps not ?

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Texas Adios?


Yes it is ! :smile:

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What took me so long? :man_farmer: I recognized it on the 2nd screen but it still didn’t register for some reason… probably because I haven’t watched it in years now.

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And of course that location mentioned in the first screen is used in so many spags… I already knew this but for some reason its not something that I paid much attention to in the past, as far as actually noticing the exact location rather than the general idea of the area. Since posting about Twice A Judas, I’ve already seen it again several times… :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a new one


One of your Mexican westerns perhaps?

(autephex) #8695

Looks like it, but this one isn’t Mexican-made

(Looks can be deceiving, in more ways than one for this film)

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A usual White Hat lead wears black in this film

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who is that photo bombing?


‘La collera del vento’ ?

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She’s sad he’s going west - Famous SW


Really famous ! :laughing: