The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Correct :+1:


My head start clue was from putting a face to a name after reading Bill San Antonio’s earlier post on SW Hall of Fame:

I believe the shot below to be an actual accident that found a place in the final cut. The bikers appear to be riding on Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon as one of the stunt actors wipes out, spurring the foreground actor’s genuine curiosity.


I’m guessing ‘CC and Company’ ? :thinking:


This is not so much a ‘biker movie’, as it could be considered ‘a movie about a biker movie’. The inciting incident is a Faustian deal, of sorts. The “ticking time bomb” is whether the main character will succeed or lose everything to the “devil”, metaphorically speaking.


The lead actor was a cast member on a major US television series set in a non-contiguous US state. He also portrayed the father of a well known fiction character who was first popularized through the print media.

Both the actors below have had prominent roles in separate Clint Eastwood films.

Redacted movie posters :face_with_raised_eyebrow::



Just seeing your updated pics … it’s ‘Hollywood Man’ Never heard of it, but recognized Don Stroud and William Smith … that was a toughie ! :grinning:


I recently read that it was chosen in the lineup for one of Tarantino’s retro film festivals. I think the opening wipe out shot must have been left over footage from another movie that they included in the same way that Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets was written based on the idea of incorporating unused Karloff footage into a movie. I recommend both Hollywood Man and Targets. :+1:

I had never actually seen CC &Co. and didn’t know initially that Smith was in it but that was a good instinct because that is him in the still and it could actually have been left over footage from that or something similar.


I’ll check those out - thanks for the recommendation.

Ok then, from a pretty well known SW trio … this chick gets honourable mention for least western-like hairdo :smile:


I’ll pass. I’m very familiar with this one. That’s roughly the 0:39:20 mark.


I’ve no idea, but you seem confident! LOL :laughing:

PS: it’s actually 0:39:06 … smart guy! :rofl:


I meant 0:39:06. :smirk:

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A Stranger In Town ?


Absolutely! Your turn, Ennioo :grinning:

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Cheers Aldo.

Ok what about this one :slight_smile:

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Martin Scorsese looks terrible there

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hmm i recognize it but its not coming immediately to mind… have to toss it around in the head a bit

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Couple more to get you there:


I know what they call this one. :wink:

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Must be…

they call me bruce

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Correct autephex, your turn :sunglasses: