The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(Mickey13) #8242

Farewell to the King (1989)?

(El Topo) #8243

Yap that’s the one Mickey13

Up to you

(Mickey13) #8244

Cheers, man. OK, what about this one, also one of my favorite coming-of-age comedies (partially because of its soundtrack):

(tomas) #8245

Is that Risky Business? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mickey13) #8246

Yup, your turn tomas. :wink:

(tomas) #8247

One of my 80s’ favorites. Tangerine Dream rules.

(Mickey13) #8248


(tomas) #8249

Well, who that might be?

(El Topo) #8250

Wild guess, looks like John Wayne Cahill Justice?

(tomas) #8251

No, no, it’s not Cahill, let’s try another one.


El Dorado?

(tomas) #8253

Oh yes yes it is John Wayne, that one got El Topo right, but it wasn’t Cahill US Marshal, at least, if he meant that one.
But, it is not Eldorado.

(El Topo) #8254

Rio Lobo?

(tomas) #8255

This one should ease things up.

(El Topo) #8256

Rio Bravo

(tomas) #8257

You got it. Over to you.

(El Topo) #8258

Thank’s mate

Let’s try this one


‘L’arme à gauche’ ?

(El Topo) #8260

Yap that’s the one, no need for the Lino Ventura or Sylva Koscina pic

Up to you


I’m a big fan of Lino, and remember enjoying this one :grinning:

Try this one: First feature of an English director who went on to do a lot of half baked epics.