The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


The thinking man’s Steffan ! :wink:

’God Made Them … I Kill Them’ aka ‘Dio li crea… Io li ammazzo!’ ?


That’s the one! Great title, shit film.

Oops i’m taking after Cox, stating my opinions as facts. Oh well :relaxed:


Complete change of pace, genre and country of origin … if you recognise these dudes, it should be easy.





LOL … yes, I think that’s correct ??? :rofl: Lovin’ those graphics - over to you Massimo


This should be easy.


’Debbie Does Dallas’ ? :grinning:

(Rutledal) #8009

Knock Off, with JCVD?


It’s neither of those but stars an actor that has been in at least 1 classic American western and SW as well.


Assuming the lady is Laura Gemser ? Then Gordon Mitchell might fit the description, as he appeared in ‘Rio Bravo’, and countless SWs … so, is it Emanuelle’s Daughter? … that’s just one of a load of titles.


It is not Emanuelle’s Daughter but I’ll have to check that out. It’s a more well known actor in the US than Gordon Mitchell. That’s the actor in the 2nd screenshot. Yes, Laura Gemser is the actress.


Ok … after some research, I discover it’s Jack ‘fucking’ Palance !!! LOL :rofl: practically the last person I’d expect to find in a softcore romp.

Black Cobra Woman


That’s it! It is worth a watch as far as I am concerned, the music is memorable, and, of course, the women.

There are better copies in other languages but a cursory search only found this one in English.


Try this one, folks.


Watched this again last night on BD … and it’s still a freakin’ good movie. Almost a lost classic … and much better than the director’s most famous film (in my opinion) :grinning:


It’s an American remake of a famous French thriller


Sorcerer of course.


Correct :grinning:



Is it Alex Cox having a temper tantrum, when told that the screening of ‘Straight to Hell’ - Director’s Cut has been cancelled ? :rofl: