The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


No Avatar, here’s another one.

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All the Colours of the Dark


That’s the one. Your turn, mate.

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Thanks, here

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OK, that leaves one option (the first image is also in Black Killer) :slight_smile:

A Bounty Killer for Trinity

(chuck connors brother) #7568

Yes thats the one, didn’t realise that was in Black Killer as well

(JonathanCorbett) #7569

Here we go


La Vendetta di Spartacus (1964) :relaxed:

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Correct answer in record time! :slight_smile:


Thank you, but as Colonel Mortimer would say, ‘I just reasoned it out’ - Pietro Ceccarelli’s famous bald head, and the gorgeous Scilla Gabel :wink:

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Your turn, aldo. :wink:


ok then, :relaxed:

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Can’t we make the implicit rule that a new screenshot has to be posted every 24 hours or so?

Perhaps also throwing in a less difficult movie now and then :slight_smile:


Everyone here should recognise the older actor from ‘Fistful of Dollars’ ? … and the blond guy behind him is from a very famous American acting dynasty - Can’t make it too easy or there’d be little point to this thread.
The film’s director, also made a very famous SW trilogy, which should be known to all here :wink:

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Nevertheless it’s been 24 days without anybody guessing it. Doesn’t have to be because of difficulty here that was really a general observation but not posting another screenshot now and again and the subject will be forgotten and overlooked until someone kickstarts it for the nth time in a year or so :slight_smile:

The difficulty of most of those posted in here has been through the roof and I’m only pointing out that an ‘easy’ one now and again would lighten the flow somewhat.


Ok, here’s another screen from the same film - Both leading men are American.

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I can’t get VLC to work on my computer any more so can’t post screenshots. (I’m sure there is a way of fixing this but I’m buggered if I know how.)
Pity, because I actually know this one but there’s no point in guessing if I can’t take over next.


Perhaps you can delete VLC and then download a newer version ? … I’ve had a lot of PC issues with forced updates, thanks to windows 10. :rage:


You can uninstall VLC and try to update it to a newer version, if not, try Daum Potplayer it’s free ( i have both.

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