The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(Martin) #7441

Valter brani SarajevoWalter Defends Sarajevo.

(Rutledal) #7442

The Bridge?

(djvaso) #7443

Yes, Valter brani Sarajevo.

(Rutledal) #7444

Is that Anthony Ghidra?

(Farmer_J) #7445

I’m pretty sure that is indeed him.

(djvaso) #7446

Yes, of course.

(Rutledal) #7447

I didn’t know he was in it.

(Martin) #7448

These two (from different movies) are very easy to guess but quite amusing:

Next one, please!


I have this on my watch pile somewhere, and from what i understand, it plays out like a "western " flick.

djvaso!…on your avatar, what film is that with Anthony Ghidra ?.. I’m curious about it.

(djvaso) #7450

It is Condor from Valter brani Sarajevo. The screenshots I posted are from crap Delta Video DVD. The movie is now restored but nobody is interested in its releasing on Blu-ray unfortunately.


Thank you kindly!..Now i must attempt to watch it as soon as possible.:slight_smile:

(Martin) #7452

Did I spoil the quiz by posting two screenshots that are too easy to guess? Wasn’t my intention. First image is, of course, taken from Django; according to Howard Hughes’s Once Upon a Time in the Italian West, the cameraman behind the bar is Enzo Barboni. Second one is from Luigi Batzella’s Anche per Django le carogne hanno un prezzo. As you all know.

(JonathanCorbett) #7453

Mark Devis (Gianfranco Clerici) is unmistakable… :relaxed:

For some strange reason I could have sworn it was Rutledal’s turn to post a screenshot!
It’s your turn again, Companero M.

(Martin) #7454

Thank you, JonathanCorbett! Here are two new screenshots: approximately the same historical time frame and geographical setting as Valter brani Sarajevo, international coproduction, Italian director, 1960s.

(El Topo) #7455

La cattura with David McCallum and Nicoletta Machiavelli

(Martin) #7457

Perfect! That’s the movie: a beautiful film.

(El Topo) #7458

Thanks Companero

A good choice by the way, a really nice film, and a favourite of mine. One I only found out already in the internet era

So let’s try this one





(Farmer_J) #7459

The Culpepper Cattle Co?

(El Topo) #7460

Spot on Farmer

Congrats and you’re next

(Farmer_J) #7461

This has never had a DVD release, but I live in hope (Camera Obscura?):