The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Grazie JC.

Try this one, Companeros.

Two more.

Playing with Fire / Le Jeu avec le Feu (1975)

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Right on aldo. Over to you.

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Thank you, LG

Thats “The Fifth Cord” with Django himself!

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Very quick! … your turn, Sir :wink:

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All right! Here goes

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Almost Human with Tomas Milian and Henry Silva?

Good guess but that’s not it, makesthemovie

If anybody needs a clue, it’s a French cop movie from 1975

Just googleguessing The French Detective…

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That’s it @runner ! Your turn

Ooops, thanks @LeSpecialiste . I stick to SWs (on my top list) which are my only major base of film knowledge together with Disney movies before 1942 :slight_smile:

Alfio Caltabiano main antagonist (and director) in ‘Ballata per un pistolero’

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Very well done @JonathanCorbett, so over to you !

Thanks runner, this one should also be quite easy



Is it Boot Hill?

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That’s the one! Over to you now, QuickDraw :+1:

Cheers. Thought that looked like Woody Strode. Here’s one…