The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Any further clues ? :wink:


The period is the 1930s and a horror filmMV5BZmZiOTkyNGEtNmUxMy00ZWJiLWEzZmEtOTY2NWQ2OWIzZjIyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjUyNDk2ODc@.V1

The Others?

Here is a big clue. 167f805a5526de35a53bf364ced1115b38c5b7ec

The most haunted house in England.

Is it Borley Rectory (2017)?

No wait, is it The Haunting of Borley Rectory (2019)?

Close enough though, over to you! :wink:

Feels a bit unfair since my guess was incorrect but since you’ve passed it to me…

Try this one, fellas!

I need a bit more please!

There’s a Dallas connection.

Is the guy with a gun Howard Keel?


The leading actress in this film appeared as a regular character in Dallas. It was also directed by a Filipino filmmaker who has achieved cult status among many film fans.

Jaguar with Lima Brocka?

Here’s the actress! The director also made a lot of Blaxploitation.

’Naked Vengeance’, 1985

The actor, Carmen Argenziano, died last year, aged 75.

That’s the one, Toscano. Over to you!

And the actress is of course Deborah Tranelli. I think this was her only starring role.

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Thank you, amigo.

Here’s an easy one…

Devil (Dowdle, 2010). :+1:

Very well done, Asa.
A Bounty bar on the way! :grinning:
A cracking film…

Thank-you, sir!


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