The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

No Aldo, not that one.


The Case of the Bloody Iris!

That’s the one, Man With a Name!

Over to me then!

Radio On (1979)

That was quick! Over to you, Aldo

Thank you, man with a name.

Try this one, guys :wink:

Not as racy as the first frame might suggest - here are a few more.

Vittorio De Sica’s Caccia alla volpe (1966).

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Correct … in English, ‘After the Fox’ with Peter Sellers, Victor Mature, Britt Ekland and the stunning, Maria Grazia Buccella … seen in her undies :wink:

Over to you, Companero_M

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Thanks, aldo! Next one, maybe a tough one:

wonder if this is a Mexican production ?

No, it’s a European Western.

Here are three more screenshots from that movie:

Little Cowboy or Cowboy Kid … Turkish/Italian effort … looks so cheap! LOL

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It’s a real big budget film compared to other turkish westerns. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes, Guido Zurli’s Yumurcak Küçük Kovboy (1973). Back to you, aldo.

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Thank you, Companero - try this one folks

The Best of Enemies :thinking:

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