The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Well done, Montero…I was struggling with that one myself… :+1:

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‘Mystery Train’ (1989)

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Correct of course, @aldo
Your turn.

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Thank you, Montero

… back to France for another classic!

Is this Belmondo’s back side? :wink:

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Yes it is … well recognized!


is it that movie Borsalino?

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Correct … well stolen by the Swede!

You’re next up :wink:

cool! :grinning:

these can be movies from any genre?

Yes … any thing you prefer.

ok heres mine - Clue 1: A 70s horror film follow up (not a sequel) to one of the most famous horror films ever made. 2) It co-starred an actor who would go on to play one of the most popular slasher film villains. You could say hes an icon of the genre…

Is that the Tobe Hooper movie Death Trap made in 1978 with Robert Englund (who played Freddy in The Elm Street movies). Marilyn Burns from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is in it. Mel Ferrer gets a scythe through his neck. Neville Brand is the main actor in it as the psycho. Seen it but recognised it from your description not the stills.

Yep its Eaten Alive/Death Trap! :+1:

Would someone like to jump in, if @Wobble is unavailable ?

Sorry - been a bit tied up. This is not a spaghetti western. The actress in pictures 2 & 3 made this just after the same financing company had asked her to represent their interest in (what she thought was) an obscure little B movie.

Coast of Skeletons

Yes - well done.

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Thank you, Wobble

This one has music by Morricone and a cast of ‘heavy hitters’ :wink: Good luck !

Quite sure this is Verneuil’s Le Serpent.

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