The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Ah great, thanks! Much appreciated, @Montero.

Correct, Aldo, and well done…‘Slugs’ it is. :+1:
Not one to watch while you are eating a lettuce sandwich… :laughing:

Over to you now, amigo. :wink:

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Sound advice! :wink:

Thanks Toscano … next up, some low budget sci fi - quite a few SW actors in this.

Sette uomini d’oro nello spazio (1979) . Just initially googled Franco Ressel science fiction :wink:

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That’s what I would have done also :wink:

Yes, quite correct, runner … this also features, Gianni Garko and rates 2.8 @ IMDB … also known as ‘Star Odyssey’ (1979)

Over to you.

Thanks, now a SW, only one screenshot to begin with :

Could it be, Taste of Killing ?

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Very good aldo! It was :slight_smile: The “famous” El Paso, or rather the less famous from Taste Of Killing, and was the town really ment to be called El Paso or was it a mistake which I remember was the case, not sure now…?
Oh yes, Omaha City was the name of the town :slight_smile:

So your turn now aldo…

Yes … I believe it was ‘Omaha’ … so unless there’s a town in the American Southwest with that name? the writers / producers were way out,

Ok … we’ve probably had this before, but undoubtedly not these images.

The girl looks like the one in Blood At Sundown/One Thousand Dollars on the Black.(1966) but the well known actor above doesn’t seem to appear in that SW (at least not credited) and I can’t remember him in that SW.

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… is the right answer! Back to you, runner


Thanks, aldo. This one I am going to rewatch soon.

Hmm, I thought maybe @Toscano or @aldo could recognize it with no more help :wink: .

I, in spite of having watched this one of my favorite SWs maybe around 10 times, probably though would have had some problem to identify it, but you can observe that this location should be near Golden City which is where the scene of final shootout in this SW was filmed.

Great help ? :slight_smile: :

None at all !


OK, I am a “fair man” - “that statement-associated” SW though is ranked much lower on my current SW Top 30 than this actual SW.

Some seconds after the last screenshot clue the camera shows this :

Anda muchacho spara ?


Yes that’s it :slight_smile: Your turn…

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Thanks, runner.

This features 2 actors more associated with American independent movies, so this was just a paycheck.

Is it Machine Gun McCain?

It is indeed … starring John Cassavetes and Peter Falk.