The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Wild guess time … ‘The Absent Minded Professor’?

Sorry, Aldo, not that one…

Two more pics.



Three more pics from this 60’s film.

The ‘showman-like’ Director of this oddity was well known for his trademark of including ‘gimmicks’ in his movies, which were used to personally involve the cinema audience…


Sounds like William Castle to me. Could it be Zotz! ?

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Correct answer, Hired Peon.

Your turn.

Let’s try this underseen weird gem.

It’s a 1969 Spanish giallo / art film featuring an international star in the female lead role. There’s also a Spanish actress in it who appeared in several westerns and was married to a SW lead actor.

The Exquisite Cadaver (1969) … as Teresa Gimpera was married to Craig Hill :wink:

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Stellar detective work, aldo. Over to you.

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Elementary my dear Peon :wink:

Snow and ice and Hardy. Should be The Red Tent?

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The Red Tent is correct … over to you, Sir! :wink:

Back to spaghetti western stuff…

Testa o croce (Heads or Tails) aka ‘Tails You Lose’

aldo you win. :wink:

Over to you.

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Woo hoo!

Fury of Johnny Kid, 1967.


That’s correct - over to you, GoldMod :wink:

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