The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Think you know your submarine flicks? :wink: Here’s a poser for ya!

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Ice Station Zebra (1968)?

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That’s the one - over to you, Mickey13

Is that any good, Ice Station Zebra? I very nearly bought it blind the other day, swerved it at the last minute after reading a couple of negative reviews.

I’d recommend it … quite a long movie, but holds your interest throughout.


Cheers, Aldo, the second screencap pretty much gave it away.

I don’t know about others, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I’d say that it’s one of the movies you watch for their scope and overall spectacle rather than their story. I especially liked the submarine scenes featuring water gushing through the sub’s corridors.

The story isn’t too bad though, just a little superficial maybe, but it’s got that chilly Cold War atmosphere going on and the storyline kept my interest throughout as Aldo has said.

But maybe I should’ve been shaking my head in disapproval the entire time instead, I dunno. :sweat_smile:


Some Italian trash this time:

The classic to end them all… 2019 After the Fall of New York!

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Yep, correct, your turn, Loïc.

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A great little film.

Don’t think anyone will get it…
The Kid With The Golden Arm (1979) directed by Chang Cheh, pictured is Sun Chien in the red headband, and the late great Chiang Sheng in black

That’s right! Sorry everyone I totally forgot I was the last one here I didn’t mean to block this thread. Apologies.

here try this one