The Great Western Computer RPG of our age is being built, you can play and help!

If you are interested in playing a fun, action packed and engaging Western Action/RPG on your computer then you need to check out 1866, a Western Mod for Mount and Blade.,83776.0.html[/url]

Screenshots =>,83855.0.html

Though 1866 is only just released in Beta it already boasts all of these working features:

Fully interactive and realistic 3d 3rd person Gun fights[/li]
[li]Realistic damage, one well placed bullet can bring down any foe (including you)[/li]
[li]Gun fights while riding your horse[/li]
[li]Gun Duals at 20 paces - to the death[/li]
[li]Collect Bounties on known criminals[/li]
[li]Round up and lead your own gang of bandits (or law men) and pick fights with other groups, or rob Stage Coaches, Take over Hotels, Loot Villages, even rob a bank![/li]
[li]Join the USA or Mexico army and fight the Mexican/American war - Or join Comanche or Apache war bands and raid the white man settlements. [/li]
[li] More than 65 realistic, period-accurate firearms, including the famous Colt M1851 Navy and the Winchester 1866. [/li]
[li] Melee Weapons: Dozens of period specific melee weapons have been added, Calvary Swords, Comanchie battle axes, razor blades, etc. [/li]
[li] Over A dozen quick battles to get you into the action quickly. Including my personal favorite where you can play as “The Man with No Name” in a hopeless shoot out in a hostile town where he is vastly outnumbered, with just himself and his gun [/li]
[li] And Much More… [/li][/ul]

The great thing about this game is that the 1866 mod is totally free, and so is the Mount & Blade base game needed to run the mod (though you will want to purchase the full version of Mount & Blade, published by TaleWorlds, if you wish to progress your character beyond level 5). [url=],83776.0.html

(By the way, Mount & Blade is an amazing game by itself too)

Now, I am shamelessly plugging this game because the 7 modders who are working on it (and I am not one of them, I just play the game) are getting overworked trying to put as much Western goodness into this game as possible. I have long looked for a Western theme game that was gritty, realistic, engrossing, and not cheesy or stupid… this game is already far and away better than anything else I have ever played, and it’s not even done yet.

They are doing a great job so far, but are asking for community support. Specifically, you can contribute if you are a artist, musician or animator. For instance, do you want your Spaghetti Western guitar and harmonica solo put into the game? or do you know where some awesome, public domain or Creative Commons western music or artwork can be found? We’d love the help to flesh out and make the game as authentic a Western experience as possible.

OK I downloaded the game and mod and just spent about an hour and a half playing the non-western base version. It looks pretty promising…I haven’t played this type of game in years (jeez, maybe 15 or so…I’m old) so am still getting the hang of it.

Looks like it’s worth a gander, folks.

Computer RPGs are a huge time eater, therefore I stopped laying my hands on any kind of computer RPG a couple of years ago…

Looks good and I will be happy to buy the full version when its completed.

Is this one of those “world of warcraft” online games or is it a regular play on your own game?

I prefer just playing on my own.

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:4, topic:2136”]Looks good and I will be happy to buy the full version when its completed.

Is this one of those “world of warcraft” online games or is it a regular play on your own game?

I prefer just playing on my own.[/quote]

It’s a play on your own one. I played a bit of the western mod this morning and it’s not bad at all…kind of a hack in some ways but pretty fun in others.

@Dillinger: yeah, I always stayed away from the RPGs…my brother was and is into them bigtime but I always preferred games you could just pick up and play.

Yeah I’m normally not an RPG type of guy, but I admit I played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic religiously back in the day.