The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

(Asa) #381

I’m not on CG, alas. Don’t know the secret handshake. :slight_smile: But I’ll seed for a fortnight regardless.

(scherpschutter) #382

The German track works, so it’s a Ac3 problem.
Not so easy to solve, I noticed on the net, many people have the same problem.

(autephex) #383

It is pretty easy actually, just gotta convert the ac3 to Aac or mp3 and then add back to the video.

I can send you the audio track and then its real easy to add it in

(Mickey13) #384

Haven’t seen the file in its entirety yet, but it seems everything works fine for me. I’m going to seed this for a while.

(Reza) #385

I tested with my vlc player also but everything is ok !

(scherpschutter) #386

I downloaded KMPlayer (like Reza said) and it works marvelously

Great image and sound (I watched a couple of scenes throughout the movie), never watched the movie in this quality before.

(Jonny Powers) #387

Alright, finished downloading, just opened it up and god damn that’s beautiful!

(autephex) #388

Good to see its playing ok, anyone else notice this speed-up I was seeing? Or is it just me?

(gringo_bastardo) #389

I rate it as 5 stars because (at least) scandinavian release does have happy ending in extras. For pessimistic end 4 stars, it`s great flick.

(autephex) #390

gingo_bastardo are you saying you prefer the happy ending?

(gringo_bastardo) #391

Yes I do. Kinski+his mates get what they deserve. When saw this from vhs as kid felt bit disappointed bad guys did win. I prefer “happy” ending when they get taste of solid bullets :slight_smile:

Edit: I don`t like american westerns style john wayne coz they are too clean and sweet but in great silence I really did not love pessimistic ending.

(Reza) #392

Hey guy the life is not always perfect…

(gringo_bastardo) #393

That is fact but I was extremely pleased to see other ending from dvd :wink:

Bleak ending fits to atmosphere of movie tho also…

(Bill san Antonio) #394

Oh, I wish the damn happy ending didn’t ever existed. it’s obviously just a joke, made awful and awkward on purpose so the distributors couldn’t use it. Then again, I think it was used on some countries nevertheless.

(gringo_bastardo) #395

Maybe in asia…As far as I know not in europe…Happy or proper endings are double-edged sword. I would have personally wanted to see “first blood” end the way it did in book but then sequels would have been impossible to make.

(Bill san Antonio) #396

Nothing is impossible in the movie world. I mean, there’s 5 Highlander sequels and even a tv-series, for example. :smiley:

(Reza) #397

Really in this world nothing is impossible .

(pseudonim) #398

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am honored to be here with my brothers-in-arms.

I have little problem with The Great Silence, some unanswered questions.

So the story goes like this; Pauline at the funeral of her husband says the famous line: Once my husband told me about this man… They call him Silence…
After we see that Silence arrived in town carrying a piece of paper and Pauline confirmed that she send the message.

How Pauline managed to send a message in the midst of not just any winter, while the town is controlled by Pollicutt?

Guess the message was secretly handed to the driver of stagecoach or his assistent

But how do they know where is Silence , how anybody knows where he is? We realy know little about him, where he lives?

Maybe because he is famous/notorious and people recognize him ,maybe he is always in the nearbye towns , saloons …
and of course stagecoach stations…

Or something else?.
So guys, do you have some theories, what do you think about all this

(Stanton) #399

These are questions I never asked me, and most likely will never do. And if I ever do, your answers are good enough for me.

(pseudonim) #400

i just edit my post , and you are there , Stanton you are fastest in the wild west