The Great Silence DVD/Blu-Ray

(Sebastian) #41

I like however, that they didn’t go with the red color, which doesn’t fit the movie. but a poster-related artwork would be nice I agree. A digipak or at least cardboard sleeve/drawer would be nice, also

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #42

I think this new cover is a refreshing alternative, although its true I share a fondness for the original red poster cover.

(djvaso) #43

The working artwork is old one.

(Sebastian) #44

I mean that’s the classic look for this film, but I wouldn’t mind a non-red cover. not to mention that i generally don’t care too much about the cover as long as th econtent is fine. but i think it’s easy to fuck up a cover, while it’s also actually easy to do it right (just listen to the fans) :stuck_out_tongue:

(Stanton) #45

I would call this new cover ugly. It looks rather cheap.

(scherpschutter) #46

Maybe they should do something with the artwork I used for my review:

It’s by an Italian called Stefano Scagni
Maybe Poggy knows him, she’s an artist too

The provisional cover (above) is awful, really awful

(ENNIOO) #47

Sure looks better than the dvd cover.

(scherpschutter) #48

They could use it front and back, leave the rest of the cover white, and use either black or red letters for title etc.

I’ll PM poggy, she might have ideas

(I...I...Idiot) #49

Agreed! :-\

(Stanton) #50

[quote=“djvaso, post:33, topic:1926”]The working artwork is old one.[/quote]

I don’t see any reason not to use the usual red one. Unlikely to get a better one.

(ENNIOO) #51

I do not mind the front cover artwork to the Japanese release to the film ( which can be seen on Shobarys site ).

(starmummy) #52

Though I would pick the original red cover over anything, I think it would be cool if they used the picture but made it just black and white. Maybe a little bit of blue for an accent to show off the snowy setting of the film.

(autephex) #53

Man that cover is really horrible

It looks like a Christmas movie based on a Charles Dickens novel :smiley:

Have not gotten around to viewing the English version yet, so dunno what it sounds like… but would be nice if it was included on the release as well as Italian

(retask) #54

So, does anybody know whats up with the new release? Whats the difference?

(retask) #55

Which release with Italian Audio is the best?

(Novecento) #56

Yup, we need some specs pronto! Man I hope this is the aspect ratio of the French release with both English and Italian audio.

(Silence) #57

Very nice with the same image but blue instead of red, suits the film perfectly.

(Antlion) #58

Has any of you had the opportunity to watch the new release yet?

I’m ordering it now from Amazon UK!

(retask) #59

[quote=“Antlion, post:48, topic:1926”]Has any of you had the opportunity to watch the new release yet?

I’m ordering it now from Amazon UK![/quote]
I also ordered the new release today. Really looking forward to seeing the film for a second time.

(Novecento) #60

No technical specs seems to be listed on their website or on distributors’ sites. However, I just found the following posting on the Criterion forums:

The Great Silence:

BONUSES: Interview with Alex Cox (Sid & Nancy, Repo Man), Alternate Ending (with optional commentary by Alex Cox), Theatrical Trailer.

Aspect Ratio: 1.66.1 Anamorphic

Format: Region 2 PAL

Sound: Stereo

Language: Italian, English Dubbed, Optional English Subtitles

Running Time: 103 mins approx

What a wasted opportunity :frowning:

My upgrade from the old UK release will definitely be the French release.