The great gundown (1977) - dir. Paul Hunt

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AKA Outlaw Red, El Savage

Tells a history of a bunch against a ‘indio’ renegade… An american western, till I know it, copies a little from the spaghetti style. Once I saw an uploaded cover here in the Forum for this flick.
How is the original aspect ratio ?

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I just found, this cover here in the forum…,494.90.html

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[quote=“Raph_Alv, post:2, topic:756”]I just found, this cover here in the forum…,494.90.html[/quote]
Yeah, I scanned it because I like the cover. Still need to check out the movie but the first couple of minutes looked awful.

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Finally put the tape in the vcr and watched it. It’s bad, but not excruciatingly bad. Acting is sub par, music is irritating at times, plot is flimsy and cliched and the effects are laughably bad. It is however pretty bloody and violent at times. And it ends in, yes, a great gundown in which 60 people get massacred with pistols, a gatling gun and dynamite. Best thing by far however is the artwork on the vhs sleeve (vcl video).

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The director and actor did a better movie, but I’ll have to look for the title on Internet
That movie is not great, it’s a combination of David Hamilton-like erotica and Peckinpah-like violence, but at least it’s watchable
I remember watching this ‘Great Gundown’ on VHS : it looked awful and an (again) awful lot of frames were missing, since it was very jumpy

Edit: that film is : Machismo, Forty Graves for Forty Guns

(Phil H) #6

I have Great Gundown on tape somewhere too. I remember it being pretty dire.

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You probably watched the same release as I did. I kind of suspected it couldn’t have been the editing, unless an axe was used for that of course. Also the ending I found rather abrupt.


Just viewed this one.

Thought story was not so good as come across a bit muddled to me, but worth hanging in for the end action, which has some OK slow motion violence.

Walter Barnes co stars, but this is no The Big Gundown.

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I watched Hunt and Padill’s Machismo a while back and didn’t like it at all. Although the end action is good, it cannot prevent the film from having a sexploitatio/ULTRA cheap feel. It feels like a strait to video type movie.In fact, This is also very cheasy. It tries to talk about racism and stuff but is too preachy on that subject. And the violence is just violence for the sake of violence. I am still interested in the Great Gundown but am somewhat sceptical

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Unfortunatelly this VHS copy was bad…