The Grand Duel / Il grande duello (Giancarlo Santi, 1972)


Yes but I haven’t got round to seeing how the print is yet. I’ll post again when I have.


I’ve just checked the Arrow Blu and it looks pretty good, pretty much the same as all the other western transfers they’ve done. I’d recommend it if you’re a fan. I plan on giving it a re-watch myself for the first time in years over the next week or so.


Me too, because I don’t take kindly to the BBFC ruining my fun.


I didn’t realise the Uk release was cut :frowning: Does anyone know what was missing exactly?


Arrow posted a warning about it a few weeks ago.

It’s just a 5 second horse trip, but i’m a badass who isn’t offended by that stuff so i’m getting the uncut disc.

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I f****ng hate those horse fall cuts, UK version of Conan the Barbarian is unwatchable because of those.


I imagine it results in absurd jump-cuts which are more unsettling that the horse falls would’ve been.


If it’s just 5 seconds, it isn’t too bad, is it?


It doesn’t sound like much, but in the context of a scene’s fluidity, it can make a big difference.
Haven’t seen what’s going to be edited from ‘The Grand Duel’, in fact I can’t remember where the offending moment happens … and it’s only a few months since I last re-watched the movie.
The ‘horse trip’ cut from ‘Navajo Joe’ on the 88 Films release was really jarring - we see two riders coming for the wagon with the dance hall girls … one rider is swinging bolas, which are thrown at the front horse’s legs. In the edit, the wagon just comes to an abrupt stop, and we don’t see the horse go nose down after getting tangled in the bolas.
As one member mentioned, this scene is included uncut in the trailer for this same release. It’s utterly ridiculous that 21st century regulations should be applied to a 50 year old movie released on disc. Why not just include a note on the packaging to inform people that this type of action takes place ? Therefore adults can decide for themselves if they wish to buy the movie.

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Totally agree.


The UK disc is uncut if you put it in a region A player or a multi-region player set to region A as confirmed by a poster on


I’d bet good money there weren’t any cuts made to Navajo Joe, when released in UK cinemas … as we all enjoyed our animal cruelty back in the 1960s :confounded:

Cancel that … here’s what IMDB says

For its original UK cinema release BBFC cuts were made to edit the shooting scenes, the beating of the Indian, and the killing of Duncan with a rock. The Optimum DVD restores the cinema edits but is cut by 6 secs to remove shots of horsefalls and a cockfight.

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Nice. Didn’t know that was possible.


Surely, the only thing that would achieve would be Arrow having to withdraw the release from shops.


Arrow haven’t put out Navajo Joe.

And since the uncut Grande Duello is accessible via UK discs there must be some leniency/ignorance.


Cheers. Fortunately I’m an animal-lover so I’m actually happier with the version I’ve got.

Strangely though I do entirely agree with this.


I’m an animal lover also - hate cruelty … but I don’t appreciate being policed in this way.

It’s a pathetic sweep it under the carpet policy. To cut some scenes, we all know are there, does not benefit any cause.

Wonder how many horses died during the making of Ben Hur (1959) … but would anyone dream of taking their scissors to the chariot race scene.

Are we also to assume that books on WWI will show atrocities suffered by humans but not the horses or other creatures … cause that’s no longer acceptable ?

How about snakes and spiders BBFC ??? … I’m thinking of the intro of ‘Two Mules for Sister Sara’ … one squashed huge spider, plus Clint cutting the head off a rattlesnake.

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It`s all a part of the moral panics of this century. Hell…

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How about the Buffalo being decapitated in Apocalypse Now?


You should see their reasoning for Cannibal Holocaust. In the Shameless release, all but 1 animal deaths are uncut because it was down to whether they believed the animals felt pain, or if they were killed quickly.

AKA: rather subjective.