The Grand Duel / Il grande duello (Giancarlo Santi, 1972)

(Mickey13) #261

It would have been fun if it had had original Lee Van Cleef’s voice… :’( Can’t stand this shitty dubbing.

(autephex) #262

I like this one also. Come on guys, give LVC’s cheesier efforts some love

(Lt. Brannigan) #263

The only thing wrong with God’s Gun is that Richard Boone sounds like Paul Lynde at times. Besides God’s Gun was one the very first Spaghetti’s I was introduced to.

(autephex) #264

The only LVC western I haven’t liked was Kid Vengeance, which I hated. It is the worst spaghetti I’ve ever tasted.

(ENNIOO) #265

Kid Vengeance is the worst of the lot out of the ones mentioned for me.

(Lt. Brannigan) #266

And here I was thinking that I was an anomaly for despising Kid Vengeance.

(carlos) #267

weeel, may not be fightin’ words, but I remember finding a few things to like about it.
Well above my bottom 20.

(sartana1968) #268

grand duel blue underground 94 minutes, is the original uncut finaly??

(Mickey13) #269

The longest version runs 100 minutes, so it’s still slightly cut. But it’s nice that blue underground is releasing it…

(RamonRed) #270

10K Bullets has a review for the Blue Underground release, Amigos.

(Ramon Rojo) #271

I have watched this 5-6 years before and the only thing I remember is that I tried with patience to watch it all.

A bad time for Lee in my opinion but I understand that other members like it.I don’t think I can give it a second chance.

(ENNIOO) #272

Re visited this one tonight via the Mill Creek Blu Ray. Nice print have to say. More even in style the film this time around I thought. The title of “The Big Showdown” comes up on the Mill Creek print, and is the title I most associate with the film as used to have an old vhs with this title years ago. Never noticed before that the beast (Salvatore Baccaro) from the video nasty “The Beast In Heat” has a small role in this. Excellent use of flashbacks in the film, and this is still my favourite Van Cleef western of the 70’s.[size=2][/size]

(sartana1968) #273

damn!!! i want the uncut version!! :o

(Keep Your Head Down) #274

I have more of an interest to listen to the soundtrack than to watch the film, I have to say…

(info) #275

Can anyone give some info on the quality of the Blue Underground DVD vs the Mill Creek Blu Ray? This review ( says “Blue Underground edition which serves as the best showing of the film yet on home video”. Does the DVD really look better than the Blu ray? I know there were some audio sync issues with the Blu Ray which are probably fixed now but I’d be surprised if the DVD looks better.

Also I was wondering if the DVD and Blu ray are the same length or if anything is missing from either.

(RamonRed) #276

This review from, Mondo Digital, should help you.

(info) #277

Thanks! I think I’m gonna stick with the Mill Creek Blu Ray.

(Asa) #278

I finally watched The Grand Duel a couple of weeks ago, and it was a beauty. A couple of less-than-necessary tit-shots aside it really felt nothing like many of the 70’s spags I’ve seen, felt much more traditional. When Lee Van Cleef is doing his Mortimer thing he’s pretty unstoppable, and it’s what gravitates me I think towards films like this, Death Rides a Horse, Day of Anger and obviously For a Few Dollars More. Peter O’Brien was enjoyable enough in a somewhat acrobatic role and Horst Frank almost steals the show as David, the villainous “New” patriarch of the nasty old Saxon family (NOTE: Oh! He played the “Old” patriarch in the flashback scenes too! Didn’t realise that). Suitably slimy-yet-dangerous. But: what was up with the younger Saxon brother’s face? The foppish, gay one in the white gloves (he was bloody good too, btw)? Did he just have bad skin or was he supposed to be exhibiting signs of the plague, or some sort of buckshot scar or something?

(titoli) #279

In this one we have entire tribe of timid hippies blown to pieces by man (men) in white suits. Which brings me to important question: was there ever a gay character in a spaghetti western that wasn’t sadistic maniac?

(later we can discuss how many SWs have naked kids appearing in them :wink: )

(Farmer_J) #280

Just finished this and loved but 2 scenes confused me.
When Lee Van Cleef is supposedly “shot” and has a bullet in his mouth, but earlier he’s talking like he already has the bullet in his mouth. He put a blank in the gun? or he caught the bullet?
And the other thing, whats with the shoe clapping, when Adam Saxon kills the old man?