The Good, The Bad & the Ugly 4K VOD / Apple

Howdy! Lots of talk about discs on here, but does anyone know what the 4K version of The Good, the Bad & The Ugly available through Apple / iTunes is like? Is it the same restoration as the Kino Lorber blu, for example?

pretty sure it may be the 178min MGM version, so whatever HD was there before Kino first laid hands on them, but I may be wrong

can someone with Apple TV please check? But also, no good reason to stream this movie, best to get the UHD disc and also have all the extras

There’s a 4K MGM version?

not on disc so far, doesn’t mean there’s no 4K material of their material. but apple could also have that from the Italian licens provider - but the international rights are mostly with MGM so that would’ve been my guess. we need someone with Apple TV to check :smiley:

Ah I see, cheers! It’s listed as 2 hrs 58 mins, so sounds like your guess is bang on (if that length is accurate).

Also re this: for me that would involve both paying through the nose for an expensive imported disc and buying a whole new multi-region player to run it. Watching it through the Apple box is a much better option for me, if it’s a decent ‘print’. I watched And God Said to Cain through the Arrow app the other day and it looks phenomenal.

UHDs don’t have regions though

Huh - okay. Still at least 30 quid for an import disc though.