The Good, the Bad and the Wierd

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but has anyone seen this remake of GBU set in Korea in the 1930’s?

Nope, haven’t known it exits. Where did you hear from it?

Article in the movies section of todays paper. Apparently an Asian made tribute to Leone. Trailer here:

Some of the set pieces are direct rip-offs from Leone films, but didn’t Leone rip-off an Asian called Kurosawa? :slight_smile:

Ah, some kind of Sukiyaki Western action. Looks nice. I like that kind of goodlookin overdone shooting action. I have to check that out…

Thank’s Cian! :slight_smile:

Now I know, where I can watch in in March!

I’ve been wondering if this is any good, anyone seen it yet?

I think, if you liked Sukiyaki Western Django, you might like it. The trailer looks similar.
I’ll risk a couple of bucks being wasted :wink:

Yeah, I just watched the trailer and it looks like its probably better than Sukiyaki Western Django actually… of course, its just the trailer…

Sukiyaki Western Django I thought was good, I watched the original extended cut first, got bored several times and then bought the director’s re-cut which shaved quite a bit of runtime off… and for once I actually prefer the shorter cut version. Usually I wouldn’t be cool with that, but hey- the director himself made the cuts as a revision- and it was really needed… the original version just dragged on way too long

Sukiyaki Western Django was a bit of a let down though. Its still really cool in my book, but some of the action sequences were disappointing- especially coming from Miike…

Think this Sukiyaki Django and GBW could signal the revival of the Spaghetti Western… but in Asia? Spaghetti Easterns!!!

The question is how long those flicks stay cool and interesting.

I just got a hold of this Kimchee western a few days ago, I’ll watch it soon. It looks waaaaaaaay better than Sukiyaki Western Django. It’s not a remake of TGTBTU.

We had a thread about this (weird not wierd):,694.0.html

As I said there, this is a promising director, so let’s hope …

I saw this last night. It was FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!! I’ll get a review up soon.

I’ve seen the film, and it has amazing cinemaphotography, great shoot em up action, and the quirky good humor Korean films are known for. Not a remake of TGTBTU, but follows the same storyline loosely.

I think the first Wonton Western was made by the Thai’s back in 2000. The film was called Fah Talai Jone, or Tears of the Black Tiger, and is definitely in my top 5 favorite westerns. The Thai’s are really into the culture of the American West. I once saw a bar in Bangkok that looked like Dodge City circa 1880, right down to the ornate victorian mahogany and brass bar, swinging doors, spitoons, and sawdust on the floor.

Tears of the Black Tiger pretty much blazed the trail for future asian made westerns like Sukiyaki Django from Japan, and The Good, The Bad, The Weird from Korea. I think these asian films are a great tribute to the Spaghetti Western, and hope there are more Wanton Westerns cooking in the cauldron of asian cinema.

I missed that one. Bugger!