The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

(normfilmbuff) #1

Can anybody tell me if the 179 minute 2003 extended English version of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly is available on DVD? I have checked many on both Amazon and eBay but they seem to be 161 minute version or have no running time details. I see have a 186 minute dubbed version listed as well.

(Sebastian) #2

aren’t pretty much all the MGM/Fox DVDs available the extended version?,_il_brutto,_il_cattivo,_Il/DVD

(Stanton) #3

All MGM/Fox DVDs and Blus since 2004 contain the same 179 min version. Which is neither the original Italian version nor the outside of Italy released 161 min international version.

The new Kino Lorber Blu contains next to that version also a 163 min version, which is close to the theatrical international 161 min version, but not exactly that version.

A 186 min version does not exist. So far …

(Andy) #4

Is the Kino Lorber blu-ray of GBU worth getting if I already have the 2010 MGM blu and the 2014 4K “yellow” MGM blu? I seem to recall someone saying the new Kino one lacked colour. It’s frustrating that this film would be released 3 times in USA/CA and still no decent, agreeable copy. If I am going to spend the $20 to buy this film for the 6th time now I just want some advice please because I looked for a review of the Kino in the database but couldn’t find it. :confused:

(Sebastian) #5

14.99 :slight_smile:


While Kino did crank the yellowness down, the image isn’t as sharp as the yellow MGM disc. But the restored mono track on the Kino disc is great.

(Andy) #7

Thank you, Dean! I think I might get it just to have the US Theatrical Cut (or close enough to it) in HD.


No problem.

It’s also worth noting that the Kino disc has the Italian track but only has subtitles for the English track.

Overall it’s a very amateurishly put together disc. Such as the absurd chapter breaks, cheap looking delayed subtitles, and of course the pixilated featurrettes :neutral_face:

Kino fail, and always will.

(Andy) #9

Yes, they sure don’t put as much due effort into the releases as Blue Underground or Arrow.


The fact they got Cox to do a commentary on Il Mercenario is probably their biggest achievement :smile: