The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

In the tradition of the genre, if you were to say this in a taberna full of bloodthirsty banditos, you would have about 20 guns pointed at you, amigo!



I think it all comes down to personal taste. The international version works fine for me because it was the first I ever watched on TV. I do think that some of the Civil War stuff goes on a bit because it serves as a backdrop to the main story, which is about three rogues looking for gold, and Leone does appear to shift the focus away from the plot. But it is what it is, it’s part of the experience.
I wouldn’t want to see a version without Brother Ramirez (love that scene!) but if I’m being a bit nit-picky, I can probably do without some of stuff with the Union officer at the bridge. The problem is of course is that we’ll all have different views about what should stay and what should go.
When I was a kid, I thought this was the greatest spaghetti western I’d ever seen but as I’ve aged, I realise that For a Few Dollars More is the superior film in the trilogy and that is largely due to the fact that it doesn’t get sidetracked with multiple subplots. Funny since FAFDM bored me as a kid. I loved this one and Fistful and only tolerated FAFDM. Our minds really do change!

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FAFDM is the weakest of the Dollars films, a bit childish sometimes really. Some stuff is really good but other stuff makes me cringe. FOD makes a stronger impact as a whole even though the story is borrowed from Yojimbo.

I’m not going to cut the Ramirez scene of course. But GBU is nearly 3 hours long, that is a lot for a motion picture. You can get rid of a few minutes and it will make the film flow better I’m sure.

Man with no Name:

I saw the 148m version twice in the cinema in the 1980s a few years apart. It was the same print since the same part of Clint’s opening gunfight was missing due to wear and tear at each screening. I’m guessing there was only one print left for exhibitors at that point. Unless the BFI hold a copy I doubt if one exists now since the long version has been available for exhibitors for about 10-15 years and gets screened occasionally by rep cinemas. The 148m version was never shown on UKTV. The version the BBC showed originally ran 157m and was the International Print minus 3-4m of original BBFC cuts. The 161m full international print replaced that in the 1980s after the video release as Warner got it through the censors uncut for video.

Alex Cox claims there was a 121m UK reissue version in the 1970s but I’ve not seen that and don’t know anyone who has other than him and he is not always a reliable source.

I don’t think putting the 148m version out on DVD with its 3m censor cuts and extra 10m distributor cuts would add anything.

I don’t mind the 175m Italian version but I don’t like the extra grotto sequence they added back and I think that should have remained as a deleted scene extra. I can see why Leone cut it and it wasn’t his decision to add it back in.

The Italian language version has quite an interesting soundtrack in Italian - the emphasis on background noises is quite different in several scenes. Play the scene between Angel Eyes and Stevens and compare the Italian to the English versions. Of course, it needs to be watched in English because the 3 main characters are dubbing their own voices.

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Completely disagree.


FAFDM has too much comedy, the wrong kind of comedy.

I also don’t like the introduction of Clint as some kind of Terminator.

And I don’t like the scene with Clint and Van Cleef in the hotel room, where they suck on their tobacco lollipops and Clint says he’s dreaming of buying a small place and settling down.

It’s so dumb. :laughing:

His character is basically the same in every film though. Not sure what you mean by ‘Terminator’ exactly. He’s a killer, yes. Wasn’t he always and isn’t that the point? He’s a mythical gunfighter/bounty hunter.

Not sure why any of the content is “dumb.” He needs a motive for wanting the bounty money in the first place and it doesn’t need to be deep because Mortimer is the one seeking revenge. There’s humour in all three films, as well (maybe less in FFOD).


It’s a little over the top with Clint in the saloon shooting down some guys and they fall like bowling pins through the door, and so on.

The comedy in FAFDM is completely unfunny, the inclusion of a Tuco character in GBU worked much better.

This was Leones second SW and it’s a bit immature, but that’s understandable I guess. The scenes with Volonte as Indio saves the film. Great performance a long way away from the professor in FTF.