The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

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Rumors this is coming from Criterion again…

Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)
Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)
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Great! I hope they retain the colour-timing they perfected on the last release. :slight_smile:

Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)
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Why do these links indicate a kind of rumour?

Actually it would be great to have a Criterion release, as MGM isn’t willing to release the film properly.

Once Upon a Time in the West / C’era una volta il West (Sergio Leone, 1968)
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Properly? What do you mean properly?

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Correct colours, the original mono audio (away with that 5.1. shitty shit), away with the grotto scene in the bonus section, and the international (161 min) and the Italian version (175 min) on seperate discs.
And on a third disc the famous so called Stanton cut (172 min).

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!!! (we’re not here)

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The standalone US BD of the 4K remaster does include the original mono (accept for the reinstated scenes).

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OK, cool. I’d been wondering what colour Tuco’s jacket actually was in the final scene? Was it brown, or reddish brown?

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I know.

It would be necessary to make a better dub for the new scenes. It is possible to alter the voices so that they sound closer to the original.
In the early 90s German TV did this to the long version of Visconti’s Ludwig, and it was nearly perfect.

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Chaps! Those “flares” are called chaps.

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Aww, I love that! I’ve been inspired to wear a belt and suspenders thanks to this movie.

What’s that thing hanging around Eli’s neck? Not the choker, the other thing. I wonder what that thing is?

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New article on the film


Not crazy, asinine (joking)
I find I only love FFD more after I watch GBU, i like the fanboy in me transition that happens from the end of GBU to the beginning of FFD when the man with no name rides into town, us knowing all he just went thru lol


Is there anyway we can get a petition to have the 161 min ver preserved on hd?

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I’ve heard that the picture quality on the Italian DVDs is closer to the original. Can anyone verify this? Also, isn’t there any fandubs with the English mono audio available? If there is, someone please help me get one!

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New footage found! A must read blog post and video analysis

Also, check these out

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Those photos are an artist’s gold mine.

And in my opinion, I’m glad the ‘Story of a Soldier’ scene was cut by a couple of minutes. I think it went on just long enough, to keep the audience interested and not cause apathy.

I actually like the idea of Tuco showing a little kindness towards the Mexican peones being enlisted as Confederates… while trying to kill Blondie.

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Interesting stuff