The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

That’s tickled me…it’s not such a bad film…I like it… and to see Eastwood and the much-missed Lee Marvin together can’t be a bad thing…:grinning:

Well, it is …

I didn’t enjoy it when I saw it. I think it was the lighter tone. I didn’t like the lighter Spags like One Dollar too Many. I had this rigid vision of what they were. I have softened on the comedy spaghetti westerns and enjoy the difference in the genre. I may give it another try.

I like ‘Paint Your Wagon’.

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Don’t do posters like that anymore!!

No offence to Stanton, (whom I respect), I like the film.

No apologies for loving this film.


Saw it on the big screen, when it was released.

As a child, I barely remember it…and probably most remember seeing clips of Lee Marvin on ‘Top of the Pops’, singing ‘Wandring’ Star’ which got to no. 1…

The film has cracking tunes, great acting from Lee Marvin, who seems to reprise his role from ‘Cat,Ballou’, and a subdued, but entertaining performance from Clint Eastwood.
Jean Seberg is gorgeous.

Never mind the singing…the story is entertaining, and it is musical that I never grow tired of, seeing. Clint, and Lee, onscreen, is wonderful…


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I’m a fan of Pink Cadillac. It was funny. I liked it the same way I liked Bronco Billy. Sending up the tough guy image without spoofing himself.
The one I had to warm to was Firefox.

Firefox is terrible … but I still watch it - saw it twice in the cinema when it first came out … even in 1981 it was iffy … but it’s sort of good bad ! :wink:

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Heh yeah but we all love a bit of Clint! :+1::cowboy_hat_face:


They went even further… Returning home about 5:30 in the morning, that’s not really ideal!

2,00 AM

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My favourite western and tied with Sin City as my all time favourite film, GBU is an absolute masterpiece. Every scene in this film is amazingly directed, it has a perfect blend of tragedy and comedy, and the last ten-fifteen minutes of the film in Sad Hill is my favourite climax in any film ever, with ‘‘Ecstasy of Gold’’ and ‘‘The Trio’’ doing an amazing job of telling us what is happening without having a character/narrator ramble on for five hours, not to mention the intensity of the final duel between the three hombres. This film is perfectly paced(an amazing feat for a three hour long film) and never has a dull moment. Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach all have great chemistry together.


Do you have a preference for one of the versions? For the US cut or for the longer Italian version?

I like the longer version more(although it’s in English, not Italian; I can’t bring myself to watch it in Italian because I don’t want to miss out on the vocal performances of the three main characters), and how we get an explanation as to how Tuco gets his friends to help kill Blondie, or the scene with Angel Eyes at the camp(he’s out of the movie for a bit too long for my taste otherwise),and the extended torture scene. Still love the US cut, though.

I prefer the longer version also, but have to admit that the film also works perfectly in the 163 min version. Even if the 178 min version has a few superfluous bits, it has some stuff I won’t miss.
But the scene with Tuco hiring some friends (which does not belong in the Italian version) is one which makes the film drag in that part, and is one I skip.

I like that scene; it might be a bit goofy, but Tuco is a goofy character. It’s perfectly fitting, IMO.

I wince at the scene at the camp where Tuco is beaten.


Ah yes; always a deliciously brutal scene.

‘‘Play that fiddle, you!’’

Story of a Soldier makes it even more brutal, somehow. Such a beautiful song used to silence the pain of the suffering…

Very!!! The band members have this haunted look on their faces. It’s chilling.
Personal pain too. Somebody shoved their thumbs in my eyes at school. :dizzy_face:

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It’s on my bucket list to visit this iconic location…