The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

Yep! The forum felt rather, Stantonless the last few days, that’s what I meant.

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But I’m not the only one repeating himself from time to time.[/quote]

See now this part was indecipherable to me :smile:

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I thought you gave a comment to my reply, which was a variation of things I already had posted.

At least you miss me ;), others hope I never post again. :wink: :wink:

But actually I don’t have much time at the moment, and then, the forum is at the moment less exciting than it once was.

I agree, not sure why though.

I give the forum 18.75 out of 20. It is exceptional and cult!!
(shameless in-joke for older members):wink:


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Thanks guys.


The only major female character in this is Maria, and she only has a tiny role in the film.

Why do you address this answer to me?

I was intending to reply to someone else. And turning the subject back to this particular film.

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It would be nice if someone did.

I’ll try…

Well, I dont like this film anywhere near as much as I used to, but I am looking forward to Kino’s theatrical blu-ray, since the ‘special edition’ is still one of the worst things I have ever seen. I hate how that edition is now marketed as the only version in existence. I’m no fan of Star Wars but I guess I know how those fans feel now…

I’m afraid I can’t spend too much time on this, because I have to get back to packing bl…dy boxes, ready for moving home.

But, sorry to hear that your love for the ‘GBU’ has waned. It’s amazing, the amount of people who have taken a dislike to this film, simply because of the added scenes. Personally, I love them, although I wish we had the choice of an original mono soundtrack, rather than the 5.1 re-mix.
As for the forth-coming ‘Kino’ release, I understand that it will be a Region 1, which is no good to me.:unamused:

However, Dean…yes, it is starting to sound a wee bit like a ‘Star Wars’ situation…seeking out the elusive ‘original’ version…

The dubbing in the restored scenes is beyond awkward. It’s up there with Django :smile:

If you mean Clint, and Eli, coming back, after all those years, to dub the lines, then I disagree. Personally - because I’ve loved the film, for so many years, I thought it was great that these renowned actors agreed to do this.

However: It would have been nice if fans of the film had been given the choice (which is easily done, nowadays), of watching the disc, with the option of watching the original (with mono sound), or watching the newer version.

I think that the main gripe, from fans (which I completely understand), is NOT being given the option, to choose between the two. I must admit, that I do still struggle with the 5.1 gun-shots…I’ve never got used to them.
I’d rather hear Leone’s original sound effects, rather than ‘doctored’ ones.

Do you have the 2014 blu-ray? That has a version of the mono track, but of course you have to endure the lovely sepia tint they slapped on the image.

If you’re talking about the last version they released, with the yellowish tint, then I think you will find that the so-called ‘mono’ track is not true mono - just a bastardised version of the 5.1 track.

My Blu-ray plays As and Bs, so I’m looking forward to the Kino release. My only gripe is that there’s no option of the Italian cut with English audio. I like the additional scene with Angel Eyes and the Confederate soldiers. The longer desert sequence works better for me, too.


I know I’ve said it before but as fantastic as this film is, I still think it pales in comparison next to For a Few Dollars More.

For a Few Dollars More is a far more even film. It’s always been my favourite of the trilogy.