The Good, the Bad and the Ugly / Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Sergio Leone, 1966)

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I know my opinion is unpopular but I think it’s all the same guy. Poncho, gun, gauntlet, and all.

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It’s not a case of being popular, or unpopular, opinions are good…they mark a person out as being an individual.

As for whether the character is essentially the same in all three films…to each his own…

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That makes two of us (three, counting @Jukin). I like to think of the dollar trilogy as a saga, or a tale, starting with GBU and ending with Fistful, the protagonist getting rich, then richer, then ending up emptyhanded.

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It certainly wasn’t intended that way at the outset, but it may well have ended up that way at the end. I think Leone was someone who always liked to suggest things, but never make them explicit. That was one of his (and his screenwriters’) talents. For example, is Harmonica a ghost? Probably not, but the idea is put in our heads nonetheless. Did Noodles dream everything? Probably not, but the idea is again put in our heads nonetheless… Should people logically accept that a character who just popped up out of the edge of the screen wasn’t there all along (a la Kurosawa)? Probably not, but we do anyway.


Looks good. Still waiting patiently for an English dubbed version of the Italian cut though :expressionless:


Make that four. I firmly believe Leone was far too smart to have an identical character in all three films and expect people to not believe they were the same guy. I know the US market dubbed him TMWNN but I think by the time GBU rolled around it was clear in his head they were part of the same saga, or at the very least the same cinematic universe.

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I see still no reason for that. And Leone never said something like that in the interviews I have read. I even can’t remember that anywhere in the books someone assumed that.

And Eastwood is not the first western actor wearing the same clothes in several films, any basically playing the same character in not connected movies.

If Leone wanted him to be the same he could have named him Joe in all 3 films, but he didn’t.


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Ultimately I agree with Toscano and Novecento, it’s each to his own and probably on Leone’s part deliberately ambiguous. For me personally though I see it as the same saga, with the ambiguity just heightening the enigmatic nature of Clint’s character. Didn’t Frayling say something on one of the DVD’s that when Leone made the ending of GBU “even he’s asking himself whether they’re the same character or not” or words to that effect? Could be wrong though, haven’t watched those documentaries for years.

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Female Characters in Spaghetti Westerns
Female Characters in Spaghetti Westerns
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I agree, not sure why though.

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Female Characters in Spaghetti Westerns
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The only major female character in this is Maria, and she only has a tiny role in the film.