The Good, the Bad, and Me: In My Anecdotage (Eli Wallach)

Excellent book by Mr Wallach.

From his childhood to present day, he writes about his early days on stage , his continuing stage career, his first TV show and his home and family life.

He also talks about his first 10 years on screen , from Baby Doll to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

His only recent film he mentions is Mystic River.

I strongly recommend this book as it gives a superb insight into the world of stage, screen and television.

How much does he talk about his spaghetti westerns? Does he only mention The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?

Yeah i’m afraid so.

That was the only drawback for me, that he did not talk about his movies after TGTBTU. There is a whole chapter on it though, and if my memory serves me correctly he mentions it a few more times in subsequent chapters.

Yep, would have been great to read his thoughts about Ace High and especially about Corbucci and White, Yellow and the Black! :smiley:

I loved this book. Wallach came across as a truly nice man.

There a great interview with him on Sergio Leone and GBU here:

He did indeed come off as a nice man. Though I question his use of words like “half-breed” (that was his word used to describe the race of The General in ‘Lord Jim’)

As well as other kinds of mildly old-fashioned language towards other races (i.e. he kept saying “Asian” instead of Okinawan). But he was simply brought up that way.
I know it’s not quite racism, even though it comes off that way to some people.

(Granted, he was quoting Conrad on that one)