The Good, the Bad, and Me: In My Anecdotage (Eli Wallach)

(CactusCharlie) #1

Excellent book by Mr Wallach.

From his childhood to present day, he writes about his early days on stage , his continuing stage career, his first TV show and his home and family life.

He also talks about his first 10 years on screen , from Baby Doll to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

His only recent film he mentions is Mystic River.

I strongly recommend this book as it gives a superb insight into the world of stage, screen and television.

(Søren) #2

How much does he talk about his spaghetti westerns? Does he only mention The Good, The Bad and the Ugly?

(CactusCharlie) #3

Yeah i’m afraid so.

That was the only drawback for me, that he did not talk about his movies after TGTBTU. There is a whole chapter on it though, and if my memory serves me correctly he mentions it a few more times in subsequent chapters.

(Bill san Antonio) #4

Yep, would have been great to read his thoughts about Ace High and especially about Corbucci and White, Yellow and the Black! :smiley:

(Novecento) #5

I loved this book. Wallach came across as a truly nice man.

There a great interview with him on Sergio Leone and GBU here:

(SourNote2014) #6

He did indeed come off as a nice man. Though I question his use of words like “half-breed” (that was his word used to describe the race of The General in ‘Lord Jim’)

(SourNote2014) #7

As well as other kinds of mildly old-fashioned language towards other races (i.e. he kept saying “Asian” instead of Okinawan). But he was simply brought up that way.
I know it’s not quite racism, even though it comes off that way to some people.

(SourNote2014) #8

(Granted, he was quoting Conrad on that one)