The German 4DVD of My name is Nobody / Nobody's the greatest

(Angel eyes) #1

I’ll be getting this one tomorrow. I’ll let you know asap what I think of it… ???

(Sebastian) #2

they are said to be (this is currently a hot debate between the producers and the fans at not quite the ultimate cuts although they might be ultimate in terms of what leone and valerii wanted to do.

i held that box in my hands today. looked quite neat. impressive set of extras also. too bad it doesnt have the Valerii audio commentary the French discs will have (coming out october)

(Colonel Lingus) #3

Are the extras English friendly?

(Angel eyes) #4

I got it today, beautifully packaged DVD’s…the extra’s are quite interesting and…although german spoken, they’re all english subtitled…And more important, the movies are just astounding!
I would recommend it…

(Sebastian) #5

yeah i saw them in stores today everywhere. the box set might not be for everyone (if you dont like part 2 which is actually not a real sequel or if you want your movies seperately - the box is a 4-disc fold-out)

(Colonel Lingus) #6

Finally got around to seeing the new transfer of My Name Is Nobody and it is outstanding. Definately superior to the R1 Image release. A lot of the splices produced visible jumps but it was only mildly distracting. Can’t wait to see the Dollars films.

(EvaUnit02) #7

People have probably already seen these, but here’s the links anyway.[/url] have posted image comparison to the UK DVDs.

My Name is Nobody
[url=]Nobody’s the Greatest

(Sebastian) #8

paramount wins them all! :slight_smile:
although there is a confirmation that some shots seem to be missing, but that seems to be a problem with the italian licensors who assured the company that it’s the longest version available. and on the other hand, it’s always a bizarr issue of producers adding shots after the releases etc

(Yocke) #9

What’s missing? How much? Anything important?

(Sebastian) #10

I am not sure, I’d have to check. I think most of all the final shot of the Grand Canyon.

(Sebastian) #11

(Yocke) #12

Me wants!
What’s a good place to buy German dvds? I know of and, are there any others that’ll ship to Sweden?

(Sebastian) #13

i think every shop ships to sweden…