The Football Thread

Hey guys, just saw the movie Football Factory. Great one, hard to understand without subtitles, british accents are quite hard. So who of the chelsea fans has seen it?? Are you like them??

I’ve seen it and must admit I found it very funny in places, lots of humorous dialogue. The violence portrayed in the film I’m sure does still take place in certain areas, but thank goodness it’s been removed from the British terraces more or less altogether. Recently in Italy there has been a resurgence of football hooliganism in the stadiums, some matches being forced to be played without spectators!

It delivers some entertainment, but it’s not a good movie. The worst thing about The Football Factory is a stolen classic scene from Goodfellas (Pesci vs Liotta), which totally bombed in this movie. Anyway, I liked I.D. a whole lot better, about an undercover cop infiltrating in a hooligan scene, then becoming so absorbed with the whole phenomenon that he actually becomes a hooligan. One of the best tv movies you’ll ever see.

Yes good movie I.D. even though they used a fictional football team as the subject.

it is a great film, but im not like that, i suppose its better than years ago when violent fans attacked innocent supporters, not they meet up like in the film so innocent fans dont get into unecessary brawls.

Well I didnt like goodfellas that much. yes pesci is great and stuff. But overall the movie is just boring, I think the Liotta character is just too stupid in some ways. But FF has great lines i like the first line with the im just a regular guy stuff. And on the german release is an audio track with a german guy(who is a reporter for a very godd fottball magazine “11Freunde”) and an english guy living in germany talking about hooligans. that is also entertaining. Is it possible to obtain this ID movie?? Has anybody seen the one with elijah wood(i think green street hooligans)

Well, both films (ID and Green Street) are widely and pretty cheaply available in the UK. Whether that helps you or not… ???

Whether you like Goodfellas or not, ripping is lame. But then again, who the hell cares with a b movie like The Football Factory. In my opinion it’s a very dumb movie about an ever dumber subculture. To me it felt like the hooligan version of Trainspotting, complete with voice over. Sure it’s funny at times, but I’ll have to think very hard to come up wth a scene that I remember. I’m not sure why I bought the dvd. I only watched it once, and I don’t feel like doing it again. It’s too mediocre and there are way too many other films that I still need to check out. I will trade the dvd for any spaghetti dvd. So if anyone’s interested? As far as Green Street Hooligans is concerned: I hope I’ll never catch that one. Frodo plaing a hooligan, hahaha. By far the worst hooligan movie is Ultra, about Lazio Roma hooligans. It’'s pathetic. If I’m to believe that movie all Lazio hooligans are a bunch of gays who like to tell eachother tough stories. Utterly laughable. And then I haven’t even mentioned the plot that’s been done a million times already: A guy comes out of prison to find out that his best friend is banging his girl. Hehe, please! Only in the end there’s some fighting going on.

has anyone seen “THE BUSINESS” from the same director Nick Love, a great film.
im also looking forward to seeing his new one “OUTLAW” :slight_smile:

Just saw ID on german amazon, but the review was pretty bad. Didnt see any other nick love ones, but he looks crazy. In the making of he is visible a lot and he has a tooth like bullet-tooth-tony.
So let´s finally get back to football, dont wanna male the impression im a big hooligan or something.
Allthough there is one funny magazine where germans describe their trips to polish games from 1st to 5th league. two sentences on the game and the rest about the thrird half-time as it is called in german. but quite boring after a while.
Do you think that together with the violence the good atmosphere in the stadiums went aeway? i think the all seating is to blame. In germany you still can stand in the stadium at some places and the atmosphere is good, this is what i like personally about football.

Chelsea beat Tottenham to reach the F.A cup semi final.

go on you blues! ;D

Chelsky are a bunch of overpaid wankers! Bleedin’ blighters, make no mistake!

Wait 'til Christiano shows up next season in Emirates Red and White.
p.s. Drogba will have to do double diving next season. :wink:

[quote=“Cemetary, post:32, topic:527”] Chelsky are a bunch of overpaid wankers! Bleedin’ blighters, make no mistake!

Wait 'til Christiano shows up next season in Emirates Red and White.
p.s. Drogba will have to do double diving next season. ;-)[/quote]
Did you register just to say this?

Hey how did you like the qualification results? England was great, a draw against the football giant Israel, haha. And France scored only one goal against lithuania. I have to say that the germans look really strong. The 2:1 win against the czech republic was well deserved. They play a nice style, looking forward to the Euro.

0-0 against Israel, i’m not impressed.
Everybody slags of Sven but i think he was a lot better than the red faced secret drinker McClaren!

Yeah well McClaren has a love for drinking and Sven had a love for affairs with different girls. MAybe you should think about getting someone with a passion for Football. But besides from Ferguson what good english coaches are there in the premier league. And what good english players too. Too many foreigners are a problem for national teams in my eyes. The german league doesn´t have the big stars anymore. But our team is very succesfull with a german coach.
Spain has the same problem, with too many foreign stars.
But like a german coach has said a few years ago, after terrible games against iceland or someone like them: “There a no small nations anymore in football”.

Let’s hope they do a lot better against Andorra on Wednesday!

Come on England!

i don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the players (on paper they are an excellent squad), they just need to learn how to play with each other better (apparently it’s harder for national teams than clubs because they play less often together and get more used to a format and pace in the league),

i know he’s a shouter but Scolari was up for it but wanted 5 million more (what’s that considering what some players get), they should have stumped up the cash!

Hi Yodalf! Mart85 here and I’m a Villa fan. Very glad the F.A. fucked up so we got O’Neil. :smiley:

I’m still happy from last night where Chelsea beat Liverpool 1-0 in the fist leg of the champions league semi final ;D