The Five Man Army / Un esercito di 5 uomini (Don Taylor, Italo Zingarelli, 1969)

This one’s getting a TV screening tonight at 23:00 on Irish language channel TG4

Friday is Western Night, and they show some really great stuff here, rather like the BBC from 40 years ago.

I haven’t seen this on a TV schedule since I was a young teenager … and although I’ve watched it loads of times since then on VHS and DVD, I’ll be recording it tonight. :wink:

PS: They show films in English, just incase anyone was going to ask if a SW got dubbed into
Irish Gaelic


A few screen captures from last night’s broadcast … it was uncut and included the usually missing sequence of ‘Luis Dominguez’ Nino Castelnuovo sneaking out of Mexico, before his meeting with ‘Mesito’ (Little Table) Bud Spencer … Peter Graves is just awful in this, with corny delivery and completely out of place vibe … but I can just about overlook that as it’s a fun little adventure movie.

The TV rip looks better than the Warner Archive DVD … so hopefully they’ll make amends and release a nice BD version :wink:

The blink and you’ll miss it topless moment! :wink:

… and what happens if you mess around with this nice young Mexican lady …


Is there any chance that this broadcast can be uploaded anywhere for the good people of SWN, who do not have access to this TV channel? TIA.

For you, … none at all.

Couldn’t exactly place what it is I didn’t care about his performance when I watched this, but I think that’s the perfect way of putting it. Didn’t seem to really belong to the world of the film.
Also, clearly saw an edited version of this since I was really taken aback by the violence in that second screenshot you sent lol.

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