The films of petroni

i’m sure i know how this is gonna turn out ;D

All of them are great films but Death Rides a Horse is definitely the best. True classic of the genre.

by the way, you forgot the Night of the Serpent. But I guess it doesn’t matter -it seems to be very rare film which nobody has seen (at least, I haven’t).

I voted for Providence, I think it´s much better then the rest ;D (no, I´m not joking…)

added “serpent” cool title,thanx bill.

Oh, Petroni, a more mediocre director with no talent for action scenes. His films are as good as their screenplays, so Tepepa is his best but I think it could be much better, even in the uncut version.
Never understood why so many fans think that Death Rides a Horse (which is watchable) is one of the best Spaghettis. Miles away from Leone., whom he trys to copy.

Outside the Spaghetti scene, nobody knows him, which is plausible.

Oh, and two of his westerns are (unfunny) comedies, but I fear he has although not much talent for comedies. Tragic!

night of the serpent is a very good movie of petroni, I dont understand wy this movie is so bad promoted.
I could only find a spanish version of this movie. I wouldnt say that its a better movie than death rides a horse but izs definatly better than for a roof a sky full of stars.

Death rides a horse is the better film, definately, shot better but it is a bit slow at times, i also love the Providenza film but i think the 2nd one was better.

DRAH with Tepepa a close second

Night Of The Serpent may be the best of the lot but the version I have is Spanish.It’s
reported by Movietime to have an English audio.

I would be much thankful if anyone can send me a marvellous Morricone’s main music theme from excellent G. Petroni’s movie Tepepa. My e-mail is: Thank you in advance.

DRaH is really a masterpiece. Okay, it’s not Leone, but Leone was more than a mortal man… :stuck_out_tongue: Very athmospheric, very good music, LVC is very cool… and good to see Luigi Pistilli as main villain. I like that actor. What a face!

Tepepa is the other I had seen - I think its problem is Orson Welles. He was a great actor, but in this role is terrible bad! And the Gringo. My God, I should sympathize with him? Can’t. A mean son of a bitch. (And the vengeance story stolen from FAFDM >:()
Tomas Milian is who saves this movie… he is brilliant… handsome… cute. I loved him so… poor guy. If he would have been killed in a duel, I would say it’s ok, but that evil gringo just murdered him when he was defenseless… >:(
Oh, and the little boy. He’s great! I like Mexican children with good lines. ;D

I can’t understand the girl. She loved that gringo, when she could have Tomas? :smiley:

This is a tough call, for me. I really do like DEATH RIDES A HORSE, TEPEPA, and NIGHT OF THE SERPENT equally!

Is “night of the serpent” that good?

I need to see NIGHT OF THE SERPENT, as so far DEATH RIDES A HORSE is the best one for me, and I have not really liked his other ones very much.

I think so. Though it is an entirely different kind of movie. That is the interesting thing about Petroni’s films…they are not alike at all. In fact, if one didn’t see the directing credits, one would be inclined to think they were made by different people.

I like the three films I mentioned equally for different reasons. DEATH RIDES A HORSE is Petroni’s more accessible film…it appeals to a wider range of viewers. TEPEPA is a more political film…and won’t appeal to everyone. NIGHT OF THE SERPENT is a little more “personal” and “artsy” (very bleak) than the others and I can see where a lot of folks would hate it, frankly.
But, I think Petroni succeeded in making each film perfect for what it is.

This is all a matter of opinion, though. One person’s good is another person’s awful!

I’ve only seen Death Rides a Horse and Tepepa so I didn’t feel right in voting. Of the two, I like Death a little better but both are good.


tepepa, definitely.

DRaH for me.
I watched NotS a few nights ago & thought it was very good. I’ve just watched Tepepa, which I though was quite good. But I still much prefer DRaH. I haven’t seen the others yet.

only death rides a horse a phenomenon for me
i haven’t seen yet ‘a sky roof full of stars’